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You Explain This Lifestyle Blogs Writer’s Life

You want to know what I want to go on some rants about today as this lifestyle blogs writer? One of the most irritating things that happen as a lifestyle blogger. I’m frazzled, razzled and could possibly rip someone’s hair out. Of course, not my own. That’s just ridiculous.

As a lifestyle blogger, you get an abundance of people knowing who you are even if they are simply strangers to you. Now, a lot of the times, this isn’t a problem… And the majority of you, I adore. However, with the good – you get the ugly, and you also get the whackos who like to ‘elaborate’ on your lifestyle blogs posts and create funny stories that are so far from the truth.

There is nothing more frustrating than people telling you stories about yourself. Yes. You read that right, and I am going to go on some “rants about it.” For some reason, this seems to be pretty constant in my life – especially when I’m home. I swear, this place is toxic, like the breeding ground for dramatic, chantal’s life-loathing whackos who like to tell people that do know me stories about me.

For example, do you want to hear the latest?

I had a family member come up to me and asked,

Person: Why do you contour your face?

Uuuh… What?

Person: Why do you contour your face?’

Well, I don’t because I rarely wear makeup, but I do for my videos because it is a vital step to beauty. Why? Did one of your ‘resources’ (That’s what I like to call these sneaky pesters) tell you I do?

Person: Yup. They said your features aren’t real because you always contour your face.


Some other funny stories about myself as a lifestyle blogger that have come from similar resources include me being absolutely livid about a long distance relationship that I had…. In which I thoroughly supported and wasn’t angry at all. Another was that I apparently fought a girl in my driveway. The funny thing is… I haven’t had a ‘driveway’ in years, and I don’t even know the girl who I apparently magically fought. What else have I heard about myself?

Oh, I have 7 toes, fake hair, have sexual relations with cars, eat donkeys, have 4 dads, 13 children, a pet cow and fake boobs.

Honestly. The stories I hear about myself are so far out there, I sometimes even laugh.

Trust me though. The majority of the times, my face turns green like the Hulk and I want to go batshit crazy. Oh, yeah. That’s another one… I am secretly the hulk, fly on a broom and cast spells from the skies as I brew my cauldron of children.

I also eat grasshoppers in my morning tea.

Betch, I don’t even drink tea!


P.S. I am also married to Michael Jackson.

Honestly. Bullies are the worst thing! Although I am making silly rants about it, seek help if you are in need.


If you are rattled about something or have hilarious stories, and want to share your story, please email me at or with your story and pictures! I can’t wait to hear you rant about it!



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