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Ladies Fashion With Old or Cheap Clothes

Do you want to know what totally sucks about this fashion blog and lookbook ideas right now? Since I am in limbo between Ontario and Florida, all of my clothes right now are ‘like so totally last year’, or in other words old and cheap clothes. Literally… They’re from last year… And maybe even the year before that.

I need to go shopping, and with the spring season right around the corner, I am totally going to indulge in ladies fashion that would work well with the Florida heat. However, it’s still a tad bit nipply outside (T.H.O. – comment if you remember what this means). I’ve had to literally find unique ways to rework my old, boring, cheap clothing from my ‘i am so over you’ wardrobe into new lookbook ideas that work with 2014 fashion trends.

It’s been difficult, and rather depressing. This fashion blog is totally due for a shopping spree in the ladies fashion section of my favourite store. Seriously.

The Old, Cheap Clothes For These Lookbook Ideas

With that said, I managed to throw together an old Armani long sleeve shirt (from a boyfriend from more than 4 years ago!!!), an old tank top (From Garage which I worked at more than 3 years ago!!!), Romeo and Juliet Couture jeggings (From 4 years ago!!!) and well… I think it turned out okay.. For being cheap clothes, right?


However, after admitting the age of these fashion items for these lookbook ideas, I am quite embarrassed for the sake of ladies fashion.

By quiet – I mean, a damn lot.

The one style tip that I have for this fashion blog lookbook ideas for old cheap clothes is to never underestimate the power of layering.

How do you rework old cheap clothes into your current ladies fashion ideas? Do you have a secret or rule of thumb that you follow? Comment below!

This fashion blog clearly needs help. Gross.
I’ll be keeping my eyes on the – Deal of the Day! (Valid each day @ 7 AM MST) and hope that I can finally revamp my wardrobe. 


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