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How To Wear Ankle Boots

One of the best spring shoes trends right now is all bout ankle boots, and you can bet this fashion bloggers loving it. Ankle boots can actually be super hard to incorporate into your wardrobe if you have no idea how to wear ankle boots. I’m no pro, but I sure do love playing around with my latest fashions and spring shoes to be able to come up with something totally fabulous to present to you guys for lookbook ideas.

My latest fashion bloggers inspiration for lookbook ideas is all about the hiker inspired fashion ankle boots that I got from an online shoe warehouse. I’ve definitely had my problems with the customer service at this shoe warehouse lately, but I can tell you that receiving my Gemini ankle boots was totally worth it.

Here are my best fashion bloggers tips on how to wear ankle boots that will totally have you falling head over heels for the best spring trends.

Fashion Bloggers Know To Always…. Wear ankle boots with skinny jeans or tights!

This is an absolute fashion bloggers must for lookbook ideas with this style of spring shoes because any other kind of pants will bunch at the bottom and it’s tacky!

Boot cuts won’t work either.

Flairs are a total no.

Always stick with skinnies, tights, or go bare legged with a full skirt which is super trendy this season, and this fashion bloggers loving it in an awesome blog post.

Play up the lookbook ideas with socks

Some of the best look ideas that I have seen this season have brought coolness back to socks showing underneath your boots. Wait… This was never cool. It is now, though. Play with knee high socks, fun designs, different lengths and vibrant colors when finding out how to wear ankle boots specific to your style.

Layering socks over leggings is a total fave!

Options On How to Wear Ankle Boots

There are some little tricks you can make within your lookbook ideas that will totally change the way you decide how to wear your ankle boots.

  • Tucking your pants into the ankle boots will give the long, lean and sexy leg look.
  • Roll the hem to crop your jeans and really emphasize the best spring shoes trends of ankle boots.
  • Cuff the bottoms completely to expose a little bit of ankle skin. Ooooh, scandalous. 
  • Coloured tights can totally change the look
  • Bare legs are badass in a killer pair of ankle boots. When paired with a cute dress – totally feminine and flirty!


I could seriously go on and on about lookbook ideas on how to wear these spring shoes. Like I said, it’s one of the best fashion trends and can create edgy looks, sexy ones, feminine and flirty styles – whatever you want.

I’m going to leave you with that! So, ladies – get stepping! It’s time to play with the ways you can rock this stunning style of footwear.

Do you have a secret tip on how to wear ankle boots? Share your style in the comment section below.


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