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One Less Happy Girl with Justin Bieber OPI

I kind of can’t believe that these words are about to come out of my mouth…. But they are. Oh you bet your ass they are. You know me… I don’t bite my tongue ever. That’s why you adore me and my blog, right? Well, although tempting, I won’t go on to toot my own horn. Instead, I’m about to be completely and totally honestly tell you about a nail polish that I should love, but seriously don’t. I’m talking about the Justin Bieber OPI nail polish, One Less Lonely Girl. Forget beauty and the beat. It’s all about beauty and the blog… This blog.

Complete shit.

OPI, nail designs

Oh I went there. Okay, that was a little harsh, but honestly! I used this Justin Bieber nail polish before and was a little confused with it, but as of last time, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “What the shit is this?” I mean, just take a look at my pictures. There are so many things wrong with this Justin Bieber OPI nail polish and I will be the first to admit that I’m not the greatest at doing my nails, hence why I don’t do nail tutorials, but this One Less Lonely Girl Justin Bieber nail polish is totally unrealistic.

“Here, let me put big chunks on your nails that fold, clump, stick out and suck at life.

How’s that for a slogan? Now, I have the Bieber Fever… So much so that I’m worried I won’t be able to marry Justin Bieber after he reads this nail polish review, but someone has to say it and I doubt the teenie poppers around the world have the capabilities of admitting it to themselves that this nail polish sucks. There. I said it. It sucks.

OPI, nail designs

Okay, here is why this Justin Bieber nail polish won’t work, regardless of your nail painting talents. First of all, the hearts are cute, but they also have the great potential of not sticking out, and when they come off (Within minutes), that nail you just painted is fooked as well.

Now, let’s say that they don’t stick up from your nail, and they don’t end up peeling off themselves. You’ll pick them off. Like I said, the sticking up and the little lifting here and there will drive you crazy. It’s like when you have a broken nail and everything gets snagged on it. Ooh, how annoying. Well, it’s one of those.

Oh, and then you have the nails that don’t get the hearts on them so it makes the ones that do have them look like you have chunk or gunk on them.


Lastly, your nails look stupid. Stupid. Stoopid. Staaapid. If you’re going for the “My 5 year old little brother did my nail designs for me” look, than great. Go out and purchase yourself the Justin Bieber nail polish called One Less Lonely Girl. If you want to look like you’re not a homeless bum that stuck tinfoil on her nails, avoid like the plague.

OPI, nail designs

I love you, Bieber, but fire whoever came up with this idea. It’s just not happening.

Like, what the hell is going on? I actually found myself asking, “Is this real life?”

Seriously. Look at my nails! Do you see what’s happening here? Beauty and the blog that shazz, Justin.

Kidding. I love you. Marry me? Honestly though, why would anyone in their right mind thing that chunks in a OPI nail polish bottle would be good for a nail tutorial?


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