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Oh How You Hurt Me So Bad

Oh weekend, how I love you but how you hurt my body so so much. This is probably going to be a world famous lifestyle blogs post for the most boring. I never thought I would say this, but I don’t have much to talk about. As you guys know I have been sick for a month or so, so it has been a lot of long evenings on my couch wrapped up in a blanket.

Since that has unfortunately been my life, I was craving to go out and have fun and see my friends. With that said,I went out with my girlie Amber and we had a blast. Like always, it was disastrous. We are amazing. Enough said.
I managed to catch some photos! Most turned out all steamy and foggy from how disgustingly hot it was in the bar, but for the most part, the keepers turned out.
Mark and I always went shopping and was going to a TRADE SHOW to see YUMMYSKIN. Unfortunately, they only took cash and I didn’t have my badge to get me in entry-fee-free, thus we did not make it inside. A little disappointed, in myself of course, as I didn’t go prepared. It was a FML moment, for sure. It was a fashion, jewelry and gift trade show which would have been amazing, and very damaging to my bank account.
This is the outfit I wore to the Trade Show that I did not end up getting into. I love the look of slim flares with heels.  I love these pants from DOLLHOUSE. The details at the bottom of the legs, made my heels look at that more gawg.
I do highly suggest everyone checks out their local trade shows though. You can find amazing stuff, and great little companies. The best part of it all is that most are smaller companies, so whatever you purchase is original and not everyone will have it. Uh, I can’t stand that. When you’re somewhere and other people are wearing the same items as you. Yuk Yuk! So Trade Show it up, my lovelies! You will not be disappointed.
I love wearing Brett’s hat at the bar. I always have this sudden urge to wear, what I call, “the magic hat!”. It is so rad.
Also check out YUMMYSKIN! Amazing products and awesome people.

I want to know what you guys like to do for fun!


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