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Obsessed With Tea Tree Natural Skin Care Beauty Products

Let’s take a blast to the past with beauty products today. A long, long time ago, (I feel outdated and old), I did a video on natural beauty products that used Tea Tree Oil as their main ingredient.


Despite what my lovely comment-haters said, I truly enjoy these natural skin care beauty products… To the point that I still use them today. I probably use them more than ever now because I have found all kinds of remedies that you can make with tea tree oil.

My Fave Tea Tree Oil Remedy?

I recently ran out of ingrown-hair inhibitor which I basically can’t live without because I don’t want to risk getting some nasty thing on my skin. So, with a little google, I learned that you can mix tea tree oil products in water (50/50 solution – 50% tea tree oil, 50% water) and prevent and treat ingrown hairs this way.

My Version of Natural Beauty Products

My dilemma was that I only needed a couple drops ’cause my entire body wasn’t a possible ingrown hair. I think they call that herpes. Jokes aside, I wasn’t about to create a solution, only to waste the majority of my valuable tea tree oil natural skin care products.

So, instead, I run a q-tip under water, and then add a drop or two of tea tree oil onto the swab and voila. Dab away.

Why I’m Suddenly Re-Addicted to Natural Skin Care Beauty Products

Specifically, I have a refound addiction to Thursday Plantation all due to my little google search that revealed the endless possibilities of this smelly stuff.

I’ve basically discovered that mixing tea tree oil in water can save the world.

It takes care of everything that you could ever possibly have a problem with.

Bad breath? Check.

Ring Worm? Check.

Ingrown Hairs? Check.

Acne treatment? Check.

Lice deterrent. Check. (Holla! Learned this one in grade 6!)

Boy friend problems? Okay girl, you’re on your own with that one, but everything else, you bet your booty you can call natural skin care products that contain Tea Tree Oil.

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Next week, I am going to post the endless list of life-saving elements of this badass beauty product. You can check out other Learn about the Native Remedies range of herbal remedies designed to treat common conditions & ailments in a holistic & natural manner.

Long story short, the only beauty product you will ever need is tea tree oil. You can get natural skin care products that contain tea tree oil, or you can create a meth lab beauty lab with a couple drops of pure tea tree oil and come up with all kind of new solutions.

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island and had only ONE beauty product that you could have, what would it be? Mine is obviously tea tree oil. I’m telling you – I am obsessed.

3 Responses
  • Krista
    September 25, 2014

    A friend of mine told me to check out your website (I follow you on Insta too). I struggle with acne and scars on my face, chest and back. You probably don’t have this problem. But do you have any pointers on how to clear up the scars and get perfect skin? I feel so embarrassed when I wear a tank or a bikini, because the scars literally take up my life! Any pointers would be great! 🙂

    • Chantal McCulligh
      September 25, 2014

      Hey Girl!
      This is awesome news. Thanks for coming to check out the site and for the Instagram love. Acne scars, I am not sure. I do use vitamin B oil for EVERYTHING in regards to skin imperfections but I’m not sure if that will cause more problems. I will definitely do my research and get back to you.

      Natural is the way to go; in my opinion. Have you tried Tea Tree Oil or anything like that before?

      I know there are these acne pads that are similar to “Oxypads” but for your body. You’d be disgusted to see the kind of dirt you pull off your skin, especially your back at the beginning and end of your day. It can help clean up that area.

      You might want to check out “breathable” fabrics to help cure the problem instead of making it worse.

      I’ll see what else comes to mind. xo

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