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Obsessed: Rimmel & L’Oreal Lip Sticks

I have a serious confession to make. I am officially obsessed with a set of beauty products which may not seem odd to read on other beauty blogs, but if you’re a frequent reader, you know that I’m not really the kind of girl who goes crazy for makeup. I stick with what I know, and what I know I like and that’s basically as far as my beauty products and expertise goes. However, forget all of that because I veered out of my comfort zone recently and am totally, absolutely, thoroughly obsessed with a new bulk of beauty products.

It’s a battle between Rimmel & Revlon lipsticks.

I’ve also never really been the kind of girl to go crazy over lipsticks or glosses. Sure, I put them on when I first get ready but I’m not reapplying every second I get a glance in the mirror and realize my lips have lost their sparkle and shine. That, however, has forever changed ever since I discovered Revlon ColorBurst.

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#210 Unapologetic from Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm is my be-atch! I have had so many people come up to me and say how great the lip color is.

I know that it is Autumn and plums and reds are trendy makeup items, but this coral pink is to die for. I fear the day it is discontinued.

Whats to Love?

It isn’t just a lipstick! Revlon’s new ColorBurst lipsticks (Literally, sticks) have moisturizing agents as well, so you get the balm with the colour that you desire.

The balm is the bomb.

I’m in love with the matte versions and to be honest, this is the first time I’ve ever had a matte lippy. I know.

Beauty Blogger Fail.

They also have a lacquer version (super shiny) and a balm stain which I definitely need to get my lips on.

rimmel, revlon, color rush, color burst, beauty blogs, beauty products, makeup, 

I recent went searching for some more, and couldn’t find Revlon in the store that I was at (#marketingfail) but I did decide to try Rimmel Color Rush.

Rimmel Color Rush is also a balm, so you get the mositurizing elements as well.  The two I purchased are;

#130 I Want Candy

#300 Viva Violet

I can live without the pink, “I Want Candy” lippy but the Viva Violet has me hooked.

Revlon Vs Rimmel: Differences Debate

  • Revlon matte has a strong pigment and what you see is what you get
  • Rimmel’s colour is fabulous but it isn’t exactly what you see on the stick
  • Revlon lippies stay on throughout the day without staining  your lips
  • Rimmel’s shine rubs off but the ‘stain’ is still on your lips (which has its pros and cons). This takes I Woke Up Like This to a whole new realm #truestory
  • Revlon sticks; Rimmel smudges

rimmel, revlon, color rush, color burst, beauty blogs, beauty products, makeup, 

My conclusion? Forget what all other beauty blogs are saying about other lippies. You need to try these two beauty products. You’ll be in love. I am officially the girl who constantly has great looking lips.


I try Kate Moss Lipsticks in next week’s post. What is your favourite color of hers?


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