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Nude Heels Drinky Drinky

Oh Monday! I don’t hate you as much as I usually do! Why, you ask? Well because I had the bomb-ass of all bomb weekends!! Although it was last minute, I managed to rally some of my closet friends together for a little drinky-dinky shin-dig. And let me just tell you, it was definitely a lot more than a little drinky drinky shin dig, as I spent all of Saturday – in bed – dying.

Ladies, do as I say – not as I do! Take this post as de motivation.

Oh yeah – I was a classy one this past weekend but it was my birthday!! I’m allowed!! Plus, I’m putting the blame on everyone else for this. It was all those Birthday shots that I was forced to take.

Moving forward, this past weekend brought me to a fabulous idea for my fashion blog. My feet were killing me by the end of the night, but don’t hate the game, hate the player. I’m the idiot that bought these shoes 3 years ago, have yet to wear them for a long period of time. Thus, wearing them to the bar, tipsy all night kind of murdered my feet. Just saying. Fashion problems, right?

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“Beauty Is Pain”

That’s what my friend, Kelsey told me when I was deciding on which dress to wear. I really wanted to go with a glam kind of fashion for my birthday. So, I settled for the uncomfortable sequin dress from Urban Planet. I love me some sequins but my gawd do they ever suck. All they do is rub, chaufe, hurt, cut, irritate, and sparkle. Okay, so the last one isn’t so bad!

Fashion Shoe Problems

Then, it was my time to decide on shoes. I seriously find that deciding on what shoes to wear to the club is the absolute hardest thing to do. You want to wear those adorable shoes that you just got, but you know you’ll be falling on your face REGARDLESS, and the clubs are always so jammed packed that you’re getting shoved left right and center – not to mention your (my) amazing dance moves.

It’s complicated, ladies! You know the struggle within this fashion blog, don’t you?

The Completed Lookbook

Since my dress was so damn busy, I opted for my Jessica Simpson 4 inch heels, and like I said, they were far from being broken in yet – but, my feet fell in love as soon as I put them on with my outfit. It was all over from then. Okay, that’s a total lie. My feet were fine until 4 hours later, dancing like a goddess and bottles and shots of vodka.

Thankfully, one of my manizzle’s friend’s brought a girl, that I have never met, BUT SHE SWITCHED ME SHOES MID-CLUB. Oh man, I loved this woman. But then her feet got sore in 20 minutes so I had to switch back, but on the bright side, this fabulous little stranger gave my feet a rest and made her feet look fabulous.

Perfect, right?

fashion, fashion blog, lookbook, urban planet, jessica simpson shoes, high heels, 4 inch nude pumps, birthday outfit, egocloset dress, sequins, must have fashion itemI then drunkenly decided that I would risk getting my feet nasty and infected (it was the booze thinking) and take my shoes off – then my security friends (and real friends) told me “No! No! You’re going to get kicked out! Put them back on!”


So shoes were back on for the rest of the night. Hey! As Kelsey said, beauty is pain.

Pain it was but my feet were so sexy.


Oh and if you didn’t figure out what today’s must have fashion item is – it’s a nude pair of heels. Regardless if they kill your feet beyond belief – you need a nude pair of heels simply for days where your outfit is so BAM and you need a little something subtly for your feetskies down below. I have a whole whack of nude shoes – and the more the merrier, right ladies?



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