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Not Just Any Ole Shopping Trip With Weils.

I know it’s been a while and you probably all want to kill me, but please don’t. I’m sorry! I am trying to sort out my life and schedule so everyone gets what they need and deserve, especially you guys! On the bright side, I think I’m done revamping my life and schedule and we’re all ready to roll! I think so anyway… don’t quote me on that.

Today I, of course, went shopping. Oh! But today wasn’t just any ole’ shopping trip! Firstly, today’s Sunday which means… Weiler Date Night. If you’re new to this fashion blog, Weiler is my manizzle’s best friend who’s my offspring. Okay, so I’m totally fibbing about that, but Weiler and I have a totally weird understanding of one another so we tight ‘yo.

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Craving Bikini Online Fashion

Since I am heading to Florida for more than 2 weeks, I have been in dieing need of finding new bathing suits! I did find two that I only got because they were on sale, and well… they’re Jessica Simpson and gawd forbid I leave Jessica Simpson Collection items behind in the store and not on my visa, and in my hand, right? However, I really want more. I really want a cut-out monokini, or twenty, and bandeau top bikini and one’s that don’t have the standard straps so I can switch my kini’s up and avoid tan lines. For some darn reason, I am finding it near impossible to find unique, branded swim wear. Is it because it’s only March? It can’t be…. people bikini shop all year around… especially with Spring Break so what the truck?! Am I missing something? Am I? Seriously… because I’m starting to think the swim wear stores hate me. Just saying.

I ended up not getting swimwear today… if you didn’t figure that out from my rant, and I’m still desperately searching to find a bikini or monokini that pulls at my heart strings so please let me know what brands you’re loving. Keep in mind that I’m also on a time crunch! 3 weeks baby!

This Fashion Blog Loves Some H&M

I did, however, find this fabulously cute tank top from H&M which I immediately snagged right up. Super simple, yet super chic. Adoreeeeeable. I also got a light spring jacket that was on clearance for 20 buckeroos! As Weiler and I were waiting in line, and after me gagging from the dude farting in front of us (yeah… he poo poo-ed his pants… seriously) I realized that I didn’t even look at any of the accessories. What the truck moment, again! I was already in line and didn’t want to be that girl so I decided to just suck it up, withstand the farter and continue waiting in line. However, as I was walking up to the counter, I saw a nice big bin full of accessories! I reached my hand in, pulled something out and without looking at it, threw that bad boy down on my visa.

Turns out it was a set of earrings. Hollerrr.

Then Weiler and I went to Homesense and spent even more money, argued a bit about who’s taste is better and was consistently introduced as “Jon’s Girlfriend.” whenever we ran into people he knew. Actually correction! The conversations went…

“Oh, this is Jonny Winter’s gf Chantal!”

“Isn’t he in Australia?”

“…don’t….remind….me!!” *teeth clenched in complete and utter bitterness*

Totally kidding. Well, actually… not really.

This is all for now ladies and gents. Help me find some good swimwear brands. Please. Help. Me.

I need it.


Also, did I mention that Weiler likes to advertise that he loves penis?

So what if I act 5 years old sometimes. I bet I have more fun than you do!

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