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No Healthy Living With No Merry Christmas

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I have something to say! When don’t I though, right?  After all, I am a blogger and a full time Freelance Writer. I am well aware that I will most likely receive some backlash from this post, and I am well prepared for that battle. I have never been the type of person to lie down and die, and it is about time for someone to tell the nation how ridiculously stupid it is that we can’t say “Merry Christmas” in Canada without being reprimanded.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that people want us to stop singing our Canadian anthem in our Canadian school systems.

Before we go any further, let me make this clear. We, as Canadians are not angry at the cultures, nationalities and different religions within Canada. Instead, we are angry because we are expected to modify our Canada holidays and traditions.   So, I am not being racist nor is this message intended to be taken in such a way. This is a message to the people, Canadians included, who think we need to strip our traditions right from our land. 

This isn’t about Christianity or religion. It’s about tradition and with Christmas around the corner, it inspired this lifestyle blogs post.

This all stemmed from a post I saw appear on my Facebook screen. It was from a teacher, looking for ideas for her school’s “holiday” concert. All was fine and dandy until I got to the last sentence. It read, “Nothing with Santa or Christmas though.”

My life halted right then and there, just like a car would as it quickly approaches a red light.

As a Nation, we have always thrived on being a multicultural country and allowing everyone to express their own set of traditions. As a Canadian, this is one of the things that we love about our country. However, over the years (More so recently than ever), we have turned into a multicultural country without our own Canadian culture and traditions apparent. For some reason, it is wrong for us to practice, live and display our Canadian culture in order to respect all the other cultures we welcome into the country with open arms. For example, there has been talk surrounding taking the Canada Anthem out of schools.

Here’s the problem though.  As our Canada holidays quickly get removed from our schools, workplaces and forcefully taken from our personal lives, we still continue to embrace the traditions of others in our country. I get it. By decreasing our ‘Christmasness’, we are encouraging others with inspirational stories and showing the world that we are a nation of one.

healthy living, inspirational stories,

To be completely honest, this entire concept where every Merry Christmas sign must read “Happy Holidays”, and our communities are instructed to never say, “Merry Christmas”, it has quickly brought back a sense of anger and hostility

And now, I’m just going to get down right bold. If you want to live in Canada and reap the benefits of this country, respect it. Don’t demand that we change our traditions, just as we don’t request for you to change yours either. Don’t frown at us as we cheerfully wish you a Merry Christmas. Respect the traditions of the country that you chose to live in.  If we respect your beliefs, please respect ours.

It angers us that someone said, “It is not right to display your Canadian culture in your own nation.” Better yet, who in their right mind thought that this was even a legitimate complaint?  We would never go into China and tell them, on January 9th that they could not celebrate their New Year because it doesn’t coincide with our beliefs back in our countryYou know, the one we left. Nor do we tell the Chinese people in Canada that they can’t celebrate their New Years Day on January 9th either. In fact, you will hear several Canadians, who have their New Year celebration on the first of January, wish a Happy New Year on the 9th as well. Why? Because we respect and embrace other cultures beliefs and traditions. If we went to Muslim countries, we would dress appropriately out of respect of their beliefs. (Hello, Sex and The City movie!) These are just examples. No hate towards Chinese or Muslim, just a prime example of equality.

The thing is, growing up, I had all kinds of cultures, nationalities and religions within my classroom.  They practiced their cultures and beliefs alongside ours. Kids who didn’t want to, didn’t have to. We didn’t force them to participate in our Christmas activities, like we are now forced to no longer do so.  The kids had their Hannakuhs and Christmas’, their fasts and later, their Christmas feasts. Our multicultural country was literally and happily, multicultural.  Why are we so damn sensitive now?

healthy living, inspirational stories,

If you want to have your culture within our Canadian culture, go for it! We would love for you to emphasize our multicultural ways. (Minus the dangerous stuff, of course!) Please do not tell us that we can’t be who we are or do the things that has made us the fabulous country that we are known for, and that you want to live in, for those exact reasons.

We all, with the exception of a few Canadians I assume, are appalled that we can’t say Merry Christmas.. Next thing we know, we won’t be able to wear the poppy on Remembrance Day, or celebrate Canada Day. When will enough be enough? There are certain things that have always been a part of Canadian tradition, and if we embrace all other traditions, why do we have to lose our own? It’s simply not encouraging healthy living for those of us Canadians who appreciate the history of this nation.

For the people who get offended by our Canadian culture saying “Merry Christmas” and displaying a Merry Christmas sign outside of our buildings, please understand that we are not trying to offend you nor are we trying to disrespect you. We are just embracing our traditions, and until we are no longer told that we cannot say Merry Christmas, you’re bound to hear a lot more of it.  We’re stubborn, eh? Welcome to Canada.

healthy living, inspirational stories,

Another thing is that the companies and family owned businesses who don’t want us to say Merry Christmas certainly aren’t opposed to us spending all of our hard earned money buying Christmas presents at their stores, ultimately putting money in their pockets and food on their tables.

So, to the people who don’t want us to say Merry Christmas anymore, when someone this Christmas season smiles at you and says those two kind words, “Merry Christmas”, respect that that is their tradition. Don’t write a letter to the company of the staff member who said it to you, and don’t write in to the Government. Instead, respond with a thank you, or a “Happy Hanukkah” or something from your culture. We won’t feel disrespected. I promise.  In fact, we will appreciate, respect and admire the fact you can appreciate our Canadian culture and traditions in the exact same ways that we appreciate yours.

We are Canadian. We are multicultural. For those oof us who celebrate Christmas, and we put up a Christmas trees and Christmas lights. We say Merry Christmas. We celebrate Easter. We have Santa Claus, and Christmas presents and send out Christmas cards. If you don’t celebrate it, I wish you a fabulous week during the days in which we do and when your culture’s holidays or traditions come around on the calendar, the roles will be reversed.

We will be enjoying our week, while you celebrate your culture’s holidays with your family within Canada. All I’m asking is for the same kind of respect that we show to others. Equality. Don’t read more into it than what it is. People who are Christian and believe in Christmas should be able to say Merry Christmas.

healthy living, inspirational stories,

Santa Claus is coming to Canada.

My proposed solution? Signs should read and companies can say, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Everyone wins. All I’m saying is that if we embrace other beliefs, (religious or not), we shouldn’t have to stop our own. I simply think we should have the right to say Merry Christmas, if we want to.

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  • beng
    November 22, 2013

    ‘Merry Christmas’ has become like an ‘IN’ thing where all the people who think this political correctness is a joke.

    In other news, referring to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches makes you a RACIST!

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