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No Flaws On These Babies!


I just had to share this picture with you. It just makes me giggle like a school girl every single time I see it. I feel like if there is one picture that explains my whole life… it would be this. I love it. I don’t own it though so let’s hope I don’t get sued for posting it on here. I can’t even find where it came from…. errrr but it’s too good to leave out, right?

This picture gives me all the motivation I need for life.

You would think that since I have a ton of lifestyle blogs, that I am always dressed to the nine’s in the latest fashions with my hair styled to perfection and my makeup looking like I just walked off set of a photo shoot. However, everyone always seems so shocked when they find out I am always in track pants if I am at home, and rocking a tank top. If I don’t have anywhere big or important to go, I don’t put makeup on or do my hair… at least not to perfection.

Yes, I am a total scrub when I don’t need to go out. Now here’s where it gets bad… I work from home, right… so it’s not too too often that I am forced to get ready for a day out of errands, events or parties. So yes, 99% of my life consumes of me being a disgusting pile of a human being.

How do I still have fashion lifestyle blogs?

Well I still love my fashion and style and pieces and I adore getting ready – but as I have said before, time is money, and if I am sitting in my home office working, I’d rather spend those 2 hours of getting ready – working. lifestyle blogs, motivation, , flawsandalloutlet, flaws and all, urban expressions, clutch, club wear, statement piece, wardrobe, fashion, beauty, style, red belt, fashion friday

Here’s the catcher…. because it isn’t very often that I get ready-ready, I always have stuff that is new or pretty new. I can look in my closet and see things with tags on them still, or items that I adore but have only worn once. It’s amazing. If I didn’t have a shopping addiction and the craving and urge to continue to shop day in and out, I’d probably never have to again! I’d have enough “never worn – new” things to last me every day for the next year.

Sad, isn’t it? But it’s kinda amazing too!

I just got this clutch and sexy as all hell belt from FlawsandAll. I think it is an absolute must in every woman’s wardrobe to have a statement piece in red.  You’ll have to stay tuned for Must have Monday to get the deets on that ‘yo.

However, I am so stoked for this clutch, specifically for Florida. It’s super gawgeeeous and large enough that I can fit my iphone, keys, cards, cash, lipglosses and whatever else I want to fit in there, but not too large where people are like, “Who’s the girl with the underarm backpack?”

Wait! Would it still be a backpack if you carried it under your arm? Underarmpack…

Regardless – this clutch is fabaloosa. I love the gold detailing on it which adds some edge to a rather chic piece. What do you guys think about clutches?

Are you a fan? Lover… hater…?

And since it’s Friday, you all know a new video went live!! Don’t forget to check it out. This is one you definitely won’t want to miss! All I have to say is… hair tutorial.

“you had me at hair tutorial”

“…yeuh I know.”

…Yes… that did just happen.


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