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Ninja Turtle Friends

As I said in my previous post… I’m already over it!

Last night I went to a friends birthday Kegger and it was a delicious time! I dress in my alltime favourite get-up ever and spruced it up with some coach gear. A scarf… that I turned into a headband!

I was officially Michael Angelo alll night and told several people several times that I’d take my numchucks out on them! haha

I saw some of my really good friends that either I haven’t seen in a while due to our busy schedules, or that they just got back from traveling! I also had some amazingly awesome and cool dance moves and people decided to take pictures and record. I am such a beautiful dancer, as you can see below….

I know, right? Totally awesome! hahahah Well I am very sleepy so I am going to keep this post very very short. I am so happy to have the good friends that I have. Especially Katie who is always there to hold my head high.
Katie and I shared a cab and I got dropped off first. I then paid DEAD ON my amount, screamed that Katie would give him a huge tip and ran out of the taxi!
HAHAHAHAH It’s kinda funny.
I also learned that when you do not have toilet paper, use a pad. “At least it’s super absorbent” I said!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!


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