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New Additions to my Florida Wardrobe

As I’m getting ready to take my fashion blogger ways onto the sandy shores of Florida, I have been going over online fashion shopping for some new swimwear. I’ve also been reading up on the Bikini Model Program – it’s worth it, ladies. When you’re living in Florida, bathing suits are your wardrobe… So you kind of need a lot, right – and you need to look fabulous wearing them. That’s my excuse for my online fashion addiction and I’m sticking with it!

 Ahiwai Ekolu Bottoms from Kaikini – $60


You know that I have a severe addiction for my Kaikini online fashion. I have about six of these and I want to add 6000 more. They are straight from the Hawaii island and everything about the bathing suits resemble the land in which they came from… As you can see from this new style I must get my hands on.

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Smocked Gauze Dress Coverup from Roaman’s – $34

There is nothing worse than throwing clothes overtop of your wet bathing suit. Thus, I need this adorable cover up to take care of any frustrations, while also accentuating my, obviously fabulous style. I do love this particular one, but it only comes in plus sizes.


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Smoothies Fringe Halter Top from SwimCo – $55

I have to represent from my home country, eh? I adore fringe. That’s no lie. It’s been on trend for several seasons and obviously it’s not going anywhere. Especially if I get my hands on it. (

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Ruffled Bandeau Bra Top from Forever21 – $13.80

You can’t ever go wrong with Forever21. I really like how unique this specific bathing suit top is. The color and price are obviously impeccable as well.

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Sunseeker Blue Floral Print from Swimwear365 – £45.00

The shape of this bikini top is truly what has me in la-la land. It’s unique and a girl has to express her individuality through her style.


You can never have too many bathing suit pieces. Let your drawers overflow, ladies. That’s what I do!


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