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Nautical Me Naught…ical.

I’ve always said, “With death, comes truth”, and this little homemade theory of mine has definitely proven to be fool proof thus far. When you go through a tragic experience, it’s the one time that you can truly see someone for who they are. The people you expect to be there, sometimes bail, while others refuse to leave your side. It’s that one time people can see the true passion, or lack of, of someone. It’s that one time, that you see who is really there for you. And although I have had a great amount of support, I have never felt so alone, so let down.

Just when I feel like my world is finished crumbling around me, it crumbles some more.

However, my girlfriend from across Canada sent me a fabulous little pick-me-up package. One way to cheer a girl up is with the latest fashion trends. It works every time! My girlfriend Jordana has the most incredible fashion blog, and she is so completely opposite of me, and 10 times more fabulous – so check her out. One of the things inside this cutely wrapped package was this little gem of a bikini top. Absolutely stunning, although… I really don’t need anymore bikini pieces! Oh what the hell! The more the merrier.

nautical, summer trend, bikini, bandeau, sandy shores, beachI love the detailing of this bikini top. It’s super summer and with summer running on its way out, rather too quickly, I might as well go out with a splash. Oh, puns… how you make me giggle.

Fashion Trends Love The Nautical Look

Pretty much, if you have something navy and it’s the summer, it can be considered nautical. Quite simple, right? Now add in some stripes and you’re uber nautical. Now add in some rope and your uber nautically nautical nautifabulous. Okay, that was weird but you get my drift. I think everyone needs a nautical piece in their wardrobe for the summer months. Holla!

What I really adore about this bikini top is how you can wear it as a bandeau or tie the straps, which aren’t your typical halter straps. And do you know what’s perfect about that? Well, it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of any tan lines!

I’m going to nautical all the boys to the yarddddddd.

I’m in a pretty dark place right now, so when I do get to the beach, let’s hope it’s bright as all hell!

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  • Jordana
    August 21, 2012

    Glad you liked the gifties!!! When I saw this bathing suit top, I thought it was sooooooo you! More prezzies to come, you DO know I’m heading back to London right 😉

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