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Nail Designs Sticker Debate: Sally Hansen VS Essie

Oh, the nail stickers debate. I used to rock Sally Hansen nail designs stickers like they were going out of style, but I was convinced (along with many other people) that they changed the product because the nail designs weren’t working at fabulously as they did when they first came out. I jumped off the band wagon of that brand, and haven’t worn nail stickers since.

I actually found an unopened pack of Sally Hansen nail stickers that I received at Christmas but didn’t use, and they wouldn’t work.. Like.. At all. There was no stick to them, so I’m not sure what that was all about. Regardless to say, it did get me excited about all the fabulous designs that such beauty products offer, so when I was at the drug store the next day, the  nail art section caught my attention – as it always does, right ladies?

However, this time, it was Essie nail designs that I gravitated towards in hopes that the actual product would be better. I stripped those on, and now, 10 days later, you have my beauty products reviews that put the two brands of nail stickers in competition.

What I Like About Essie Nail Designs

  • Unique and innovative designs
  • The nail art varies from classy to elegant, youthful and funky
  • The different textures and materials used
  • The durability of the nail stickers was significantly better
  • Easy to shape over nail and remove excess
  • Stickers come on clear backing to make it easy to compare to your nail size


What I Don’t Like About Essie Nail Designs 

  • Doesn’t have as many size options within the package
  • More expensive
  • Harder to put on correctly and flawlessly (Tends to bubble, crease or overlap)
  • Near impossible to remove any nail sticker that went over and past your cuticle
  • Total bitch to remove

What I Like About Sally Hansen Nail Designs

  • Colorful, vibrant and fun nail art designs
  • Easy to put one effortlessly
  • Affordable
  • Can line the sticker right up with your nail
  • More size options

What I Don’t Like About Sally Hansen Nail Designs

  • Not much variety in regards to ‘theme’; nail stickers are very youthful
  • Don’t last as long and chip fairly easily
  • Harder to remove from the sheet without messing them up
  • Not a frequent update in nail art designs – tend to always be the same
  • Total bitch to remove

Beauty Products Conclusion?

So, what is this beauty product reviews conclusion? I like the Essie nail stickers, but they take a little bit more precision and practice to get them on perfectly because once they are on your nails, fixing or changing them is near impossible. Essentially, this is a fabulous thing – as long as you do it right the first time. This brand is a few more dollars than the Sally Hansen versions, but the unique textures and designs in addition to the durability makes it worth it. I wouldn’t use Essie all the time, and would stick with Sally Hansen nail stickers for day to day nails, and indulge in Essie nail stickers for a special occasion or for ‘something different’ once in a while.


Have you tried any of these brands, or even a different once? Share your thoughts and review down below, ladies! 

2 Responses
  • Anne Dapore
    May 9, 2014

    They now have these both at the Dollar Tree! I stocked up. I also have used small craft punches on the crummier stickers to cut out shapes and stick on them cover with a clear coat. not a bad deal for a $1

    • Chantal McCulligh
      May 10, 2014

      LOVE this idea! Maybe I’ll have to try it!! Only, I don’t have a dollar tree here :'(

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