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MyClothingHelper Closet Organizer Contests Canada

winner, myclothinghelper, organized closet, fashion, closet organizer

An organized closet is a closet that you can find your adored fashions is. There’s nothing worse than having no idea where anything is, or what you have in those deep, hidden corners of your closet, and I am here to save the day. Okay, well… I’m not, but MyClothingHelper is!

Contests Canada Entry

This is the perfect clothing closet accessory for everyone. If you plan your outfits out, then it’s for you, and I know you totally plan your outfits out. Don’t lie. Honestly though, MyClothingHelper is the perfect tool to number and tag your clothing for cleaning purposes, style planning or outfit changes. It’s amazing.

And of course, I’m giving one lucky winner the chance to try one! All you have to do is comment below and tell me what you would use MyClothingHelper for. Would you use it to plan your outfits for the week? Track when you wore it last? Track how dirty (or clean) it is? What are your ideas? Share below.

I’ll pick the winner on August 14th. Get your entries in now, folks!

winner, myclothinghelper, organized closet, fashion, closet organizer

7 Responses
  • Ashley
    August 1, 2012

    I think this is great for us ladies with our big walk in closets!! Especially with costly dresses that are dry clean only. This would help me immensely and I’d use it for many things, but the items I’d use it for off the top of my head would be dresses that can only be dry cleaned (you wore it once to a wedding reception or something and want to get a couple more uses out of it before sending it off to the dry cleaner)…. Also Jackets are another really really good one! 🙂 <3

  • Katie
    August 3, 2012

    Hi Chantal!<3 I would use this organizer to check and see the last time I wore that piece of clothing. I am always freaking out if i wear a shirt too much, so this would be great for me! I love organization.. I'm a clean freak! This would be so good for me! I love it!!!!!

  • dana
    August 15, 2012

    hey chantell! i think the clothing organizer is amazing i would use to very frequantly because i have this problem and i think alot of ladies also have this problem, when i go through my closet i forget if something is clean or dirty so i just play it safe and throw it in my dry cleaners closet the sad truth is is most of the time the article of clothing might not even be dirty! so with the clothing organizer it would help me save money and organize my closet better! thanks chantell!

  • Dana
    August 15, 2012

    I would use my clothing helper for my school outfits. Thanks to all the judgmental people at my school, I have to figure out how many times I’ve worn an outfit so people won’t be like umm.. you’ve already worn that. Not on how dirty it is, but just how many times i’ve worn it!

  • Diana
    August 17, 2012

    I would use it for outfits of the week, I hate it when I wake up and I get a text from my boyfriend saying lets go out and eat or my mom telling me to go with her to a family dinner or such and I have like 2 hours to get ready and I’m being honest it takes like an HOUR for me to take a shower and such so then that leaves me with one hour to pick out an outfit do my makeup and do my hair, and sometime it gets hectic to pick out an outfit because I can have a shirt I would love to wear but then no clean jean or jeans that will make the shirt look good, or I pick out an outfit like a dress that I wanted to wear but I can’t use it because my boyfriend planed on going to the park to play basketball. So if I WIN this I can set out outfits for a week no matter what I can even place the accessories and the whole outfit and so if I ever get a text or a call of going out or doing anything for that day I can just go to my closet and see all of the outfits and pick out one that will make me look good and stylish and will be proper for the day ! ! ! 😀

  • Ashley Clarkson
    August 24, 2012

    I’ve been really into re organizing my closet and changing everything around and this would definitely help my organization with what I have and haven’t worn. What a cute idea closet helper!

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