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My Skincare Routine Beauty Products

Everyone who has ever said that my skin is flawless is cray cray, but as per your request, I am here to share my skincare routine and beauty products with you so that you can enjoy ‘flawless’ skin as well! There are some things that you need to always consider when adding some beauty products into your regime. Here are some of my personal recommendations and don’t forget to check out the video to see which beauty products I use religiously!



Chemical Free Beauty Products

I can’t really ever stress this element enough! There are way too many beauty products that have an absurd amount of chemicals that can do more damage to your skin, and can even cause cancer and everything in between. Do your skin and entire health a favour and start reading the ingredient lists attached to the bottles of your beauty products. You have no idea what you are truly doing to your body! I recommend Simple beauty products as they are free of parabens and fragrance!

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Deep Cleaning Beauty Products

While it isn’t recommended to switch up your beauty products too often as the different pH levels can cause blemishes and breakouts, I highly recommend to have some beauty products on hand for those days when you need a super clean. For me, I use my SpinBrush whenever I am home from camping because I am so filthy. I just need the extra power of scrubbing. I also use the SpinBrush body scrubber on days when I really work up a sweat at the gym.


Convenient Beauty Products

With the summer here, you probably have some sort of camping or cottaging planned and as you can see from my beauty blogger video below, we don’t always have the luxury of a full bathroom that allows for us to properly cleanse our skin on a daily basis. This is, again, when my Simple Micellar Cleansing Water comes into full force as you don’t need to wet your face prior or after. You just put the solution on a cotton pad and clean your face.

The Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is convenient for the kind of days when you eat buttery corn on the cob and have to clean your butter-dripping chin immediately after the meal but don’t want to have to redo all of your makeup.

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Consider Your Complexion

I could sit here and tell you about all of the beauty products that I love, but unless they are specific to your skin complexion, problems and concerns, they may not work as effectively for you. Never, ever purchase a product just because it works for someone else. Make sure that it fits into your beauty regime, skincare requirements and personal needs first. After all, if I have really dry skin and recommend beauty products specific to that, someone who has oily skin wouldn’t be as satisfied with their results!

Other than that, I think you’re pretty set. See how I like my beauty products and maybe even get yourself a Spin Brush or Simple Cleanser as well! I highly recommend them, and it makes my skin nice, fresh and blemish-free!

How are you #kindtoskin?




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