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Real Life with Elizabeth Grant Lipgloss Makeup


Tan, tan, tan! That’s my motto today. Okay, it’s really not but I do love indulging in some sunshine… especially when the summer shine is almost over.

Oh, how depressing.

I’m drastically whiter than I was like… a month ago. I’m a whole new ethnicity! So today, I laid out and enjoy my time on my cottage dock. I’m a little tomatoey on my forehead, but do I regret? Neverrrr!

The ride home brought up a rather interesting conversation between Katie and I. In between songs, singing and stopping at random places, I picked up my little lipgloss and started to preach about my little go-to Elizabeth Grant product.light me up lip gloss, Elizabeth Grant, EG, club, scenario


She said, “Have you blogged about this product yet?”

I said, “I don’t think so… but now, I’m gonna!”

And here we are.

Okay, so we’re driving along and I pick up my pink Light Me Up Elizabeth Grant lip gloss beauty products. I started preaching… I started going on and on about how I always thought it was stupid when people, or companies rather, put lights on lip glosses. I mean, seriously. What the eff do we need that for? And the mirror… does it even work? It’s so tiny. But then…

I start to prim myself up for a very life-like scenario, and pretty amazing acting from yours truly, if I must say so myself…

When you’re in the club dancing away and you think, “Oh! I want some lip gloss on but it’s so damn dark in here!” You no longer have to frown because….

Drumroll please…

You pull out your little Light Me Up EG Lip Gloss makeup  and, oh my… look at that, if only you had a mirror.. oh just wait a second! You do!

I started to act out being in the club, dancing, lighting my lips and applying lipgloss into my lipgloss mirror and before I could finish my fabulous performance, my best friend Katie  begged for me to pay attention to driving and to never quit my day job.

So where the eff am I going with this?makeup, beauty products

You can’t know it ’til you try it ladies! I thought the idea of a light and mirror on a lip gloss was always a money grab, but it turns out that this little combination will rock your world beautifully!

What’s the point of this story?

Go get yourself one of these lip glosses. It’ll change your dark experiences. Seriously.


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