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My New Convertible!

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I have been waiting, and waiting… and waiting, what seemed like weeks, for the new convertible that I just purchased from Forbes Motors. It was really only two days, but seriously, for a girl with no patience, it was a long time to wait for something so amazing!

Justin Bieber batmobile, Forbes Motors, Cadillac dealership, convertible, Verano, pontiac g6 convertible, car lot, sleekWhen you think of the Forbes Motors Cadillac dealership, you immediately think of it as the old boy’s club, don’t you? I did too, don’t worry! You can admit it! …Then I went in there to play around with Justin Bieber’s batmobile and after looking at all the amazing, affordable and sleek sporty looking cars, I realized that my percepton was indeed, very wrong.

There’s this new car called the Verano and I played around with it for so long, and I couldn’t believe that it was only $25,000 brand new. Now, that seems expensive but if you think about financing it, that’s nothing for monthly payments and a brand new, sleek as all hell car. Well actually, $25000 for a brand new car doesn’t sound expensive at all.

But as for now – eff the Verano. Kidding. Seriously though, it’s all about my new Pontiac G6 Convertible.

“Like a G6, Like a, Like a G6”

If only I knew that such a nice car was so affordable, I would have purchased from Forbes Motors so so long ago. You immediately think that these franchise dealerships are uber expensive and way over priced but they’re not! Especially when you sit down and figure out payments and honestly, I am ecstatic that I found this out. Well, obviously I am because I purchased a new car from it, and it means enough to me to want to share this info with you.

Forbes Motors, Cadillac dealership, Justin Bieber batmobile, convertible, Verano, pontiac g6 convertible, car lot, sleek

I learned a lot over these past couple days. I always knew that when you buy a $2000 car from a side-of-the-road lot, you literally have no idea what you’re getting. You take your car, and go. Everything else is up to you. I am so comfortable and content with my purchase because I know that I have a great company behind me, to take care of anything that should come my way.

Plus, I essentially have saved so much money in the long run because of the warranty that I selected and the care that they provide to their car buyers. It’s perfecto and I am so so happy.

So, take my advice… if you’re going to go purchase a car, go to Forbes Motors or a Franchise Dealership like it. You will feel happy and worry free with your purchase. Plus, the staff is so amazing and friendly. I kind of love being there. They’re going to have to start calling security on me because I just want to go in and chat their ears off.

But seriously, a really great place. I would never, ever let anyone that I know purchase from a side-of-the-road car lot (that’s what I call them) after everything that I have learned.

And I’m not trying you sell you cars or anything. But don’t come to me after your side-of-the-road car lot purchase craps out on you a month later. hahaha Kidding!

I hope that doesn’t happen, but I will, indeed, tell you “I told you so!”Forbes Motors, Cadillac dealership, convertible, Verano, pontiac g6 convertible, car lot, sleek

If you want to see more pictures of my fabaloosa car (don’t have a name for it) check out Forbes Motors Facebook page…. and if you haven’t entered the giveaway for the Playbook, it’s on until Sunday so you can kill two birds with one stone and enter on their page.

Holler baller?


I had to add the last picture because it makes me giggle so much. This is my confused, “huh” look when you talk cars to me. hahahaha A true moment captured with this beauty, eh?

Now back to fashion, right?

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