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Proud of my no Filter

I have been battling with my favourite “flaw” lately. Yes. I have a flaw that is my favourite. You have to learn to hate the things you love to hate, and hate to love and.. Whatever, this is just getting confusing.

Somewhere down the line, someone decided that speaking your mind is a negative thing.

Uuuh what? Well not on this lifestyle blogs posts and for this Canadian gal!

Here’s my theory which are basically health tips that will enhance the quality of your life. As long as you are not saying hurtful things, and have taken into consideration the people or person with whom you’re speaking with, your relationship with them, their sense of humour, sensitivities and personality, your hands are clean.

 My filter is like a screen window that has massive holes in it. It catches some debris, but the majority of the shit goes through.

The window is my mouth.

The majority of the shit in my head goes through it.

My mother says I have always been like that – saying exactly what is on my mind. She told me this story about myself when I was a little girl. I saw a Midget, short person, dwarf… Little person (I don’t know what I could possibly say without getting hate comments on this one). Loudly, little Miss Chantal (Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person) asks,

“Mom! Why is that man so short?”

Shhh!” My mom said as she tugged on my arm to shut the flying racoons up!

“Mom!” I said louder, “Why is that man so short!?”

“Chantal! Quiet.”


Oh, I could only imagine the embarrassment that must have been on my mother’s face. I was very young at the time – young enough to not remember doing this.

The point is, my mouth is like a screen window with massive holes in it. Duh! Didn’t you listen to the story?

I have always been the kind girl who speaks her mind, ever since I came out of my mother’s hoo-ha, which is also why you guys probably come to read my lifestyle blogs.

Oh, wait. What’s that? I said “hoo ha”. Should you say that I should have filtered that? Did I offend you? Upset you? Hurt someone’s feelings? No. So, why should I filter that? Did it make you laugh? Probably. Shock you a bit? Maybe. Did I say it directly to my boss? No. Queen? No. Was it raunchy? No.  Did you not know where babies come from prior to reading this post? Oh, okay. I totally understand than. No.

Here are some life quotes that I live by; speak your mind, and don’t be afraid to say something out of the ordinary. Spark some debate or contradiction, as long as you are speaking on what you believe.

As long as you are conscious of your intentions and how your words will affect someone else.

If your verbal slips aren’t mean, malicious or have a negative intent, let your word vomit flow, ladies and gents.  It is okay to get a little inappropriate at times!

We learn to talk so that we can say what is on our minds and express ourselves, and by god damn if someone tells me that I need to filter myself or my lifestyle blogs one more time, I am going to scream vulgar sentences in the middle of the street.

My word vomit usually consists of silly, dumb blonde things  – one of my cutest traits that put a smile on people’s faces. It’s like, you always have the good with the bad. You just can’t please everyone, especially when you write lifestyle blogs.  You’re bound to piss a couple of people off.

So is it a flaw? Or are some people too pretentious to laugh at silly things some Canadian bloggers say? Are people too sensitive to things that are intended to be a little silly? 

What are your thoughts on a lack-of-filter? Negative? Agree that as long as all things are considered, it’s a-okay? Comment down below.


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