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My Kayak Outdoor Adventures at 6:30AM

This morning I set my alarm clock for 7am, rolled over to kiss my furbabies good morning and quietly tiptoed out of the house, out to my backyard. As many of you already know, my backyard is basically the hot spot for your kayak outdoor adventures in St Petersburg Fl.

My condo is right on Tampa Bay, and although there are plenty of outdoor adventures, taking my kayak out is definitely my go-to activity. You may also know that I’m not a morning person, but kayaking is a true passion of mine. When my friend messaged me in the morning, she said,

“I was ready to give up on you!”

I said, “Why, dude?”

She said, “‘Cause it’s Sunday and still dark outside – and I know you.”

Touché! It didn’t stop me though.


My girlfriend, Shana and I decided to wake up with the ocean, so I sleepily dragged my kayak through the foggy air, to my dock and slipped into the salt life of kayak paradise. The water was like glass. The best time for things to do in Tampa Bay is definitely when their is no wind. The water is like glass, mirroring the clouds providing you with flawless, picturesque moments. It was so early that the birds weren’t even chirping, and since I live right beside an island that is a Bird Reservation that we call Bird Shit Island“, it was rare, yet peaceful to hear absolutely nothing. We literally woke up with the ocean.kayak, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, tampa bay, florida, kayka

We would hear weird tinkling or little air bubbles bursting on the water, and it was like the salt life was starting to come out of their little coral homes and start their Sunday morning. Big sea turtles were popping their heads out of the water as if they were saying, “Oh, herrow!” and then they would dunk back under and carry on with their morning. There is no other kind of outdoor adventures like it!

Sharks were swimming around, catching all the fish… Who were trying to have a good morning like us. Unfortunately, some of them woke up with a big chomp on their asses. Hey! It happens. It’s the circle of salt life in St Petersburg Fl. RIP Fishies… The sharkies had to eat.

kayak, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, tampa bay, florida, kayka

We saw big Horseshoe craps (I’ve held them before for a travel blog post way back when), and at first we didn’t know what it was so we brushed the sand off of it as it laid in the water, and then suddenly, it’s little tail started moving back and forth. It kind of looks like a stingray when it’s buried and then when it’s tail started waving as if it’s saying, “I’m gonna sting yo’ ass if you touch me again!”… We panicked. Luckily, it wasn’t a stingray…. Shout outs to Blaine who got stung by one recently. Trooper! There were also tons of starfish out, taking a very slow stroll through the sandy sandbar in St Petersburg Fl! It was only the other day that I had found my very first starfish, and today was like a starfish hot spot in St Petersburg Fl.

kayak, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, tampa bay, florida, kayka

Little baby stingrays were starting to make their appearance when Shana and I noticed that a massive rain cloud was getting ready to pour on our asses. It wasn’t the rain that we were worried about, but more so the waves and lightning that often come along with them. We decided that today was not the day to die

Just as we were almost ready to dock, manatees and dolphins swam by us. It was definitely a successful morning for things to do in Tampa Bay. Kayaking is amazing when it is low tide as well. The sandbar will rock your world. Shana and I pretty much love to pick up and touch anything that we can find when it comes to Salt Life. We are bound to get attacked one day… Until then though, enjoy my blogs… ‘Cause I’m bound to hate kayaking once I get killed out on one.

Happy Sunday! What kind of animals and salt life wake up with you in the morning?