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My Halloween History

I have always had a sweet spot for Halloween. It was always such a blast for me whether I was young and running from door to door with my siblings, or once I was old enough to go out without adult supervisor with my friends! I just always had a blast. The most fun part, for me, was definitely the creation of the costume. It’s funny because even back then – I was determined to be unique and create my own look. So, I dug through my brain for past memories and tried to find old photos (not such great luck) and decided to share with you, a little blast from the past of Chantilliscious Halloweeeeeening!

First of all, trying to remember all my costumes was intense. I seriously forget my own age sometimes… or what I did 5 minutes ago. It’s bad… but I remember 10 costumes which I figured is about right because I probably stopped trick-or-treating at the age 12? So, I am going to try to list my costumes from when I was youngest to oldest and possibly share a good story or two with you. Doubtful… my life isn’t that exciting! HA! I will start off by saying that I have never dressed up as an adult. I know… really!? Shocking to me too. Well, I have dressed up – kind of. I usually go to my Grandpa’s for Halloween to help him hand out candy and tend to throw on a wig or something. One year I wore a mullet… just to be wearing a mullet. The other year I wore long lashes and when my grandfather (or anyone) asked what I was… I replied, “…beautiful!”. HAHAH typical me, right? Last year, I wanted to be a burlesque girl – but with my recent break up with Mark and the ridiculously high prices for adult costumes, my bank account had other priorities. And this year I wanted to be an animal, like this frisky leopard… but again – finances have taken over my world. Plus, I kind of forgot Halloween was so soon! Ooops. And I know there are some of you saying, adult costumes are so skanky anyway! And you’re right – they can be and that’s why I would never dress up as a cop, or a fire woman, bunny… you know, the “typical” stuff. I’d still like to keep it sexy and fierce, but to my taste! But hey…. I still have yet to ever dress up as an adult so looks like I’ll be skank-free another year!

Ok, so onto my costume past! If I remember correctly, when I was younger I was a pumpkin once, a witch often (comes naturally, right?) a sun flower and a dog. I have a video of me in my doggy costume – which you can watch in the amazing video!!.

The funny part about me being a sunflower once, is that Diva is being a flower this year! This is the costume that I ordered for her from my absolute love-for-a-site GlamourDog. I’m pretty excited to do a video of her dressed up. Last year she was a pink hippo, again, from Glamourdog. HAHHAAH! I loveeeee this costume!

As I got older, I decided to be a Ninja which was the coolest costume evvvvvvvvvver. I had an all black mask head thing. Honestly, picture a sock and putting that over your head. My face was completely covered and I remember walking up to a house and they said, “are you sure you can see in that?” And I said “Yup!”…. as I fell down the stairs. You got it! I was the same then as I am now… apparently!
I then went to my Daddys to go trick or treating and to play a trick on him, as he obviously wouldn’t be able to see me or who I am. After I said trick or treat and got my candy, I whipped off my ninja mask and said, “IT’S MEEEEEEEEE!” I decided to stop trick or treating that night and spend it with my Dad instead.

Now come the years where I was old enough to go out with my friends. I was a Hippie one year, where I went to a used clothing store, like Value Village and got a tie-dye blouse, vibrant pants, jewelry and painted peace signs and stuff all over my clothes. Oh, and I wore a scarf tied around my head and ran around saying, “Make Love, Not War mannnnn!”.

I was also a vampire once, which was a last minute that I decided to do with my best friend at the time. Nothing exciting about that, as it was last minute and we just purchased them at the store. I was a clown – oh yeah, rainbow Afro wig and one-piece polka dotted madness and everything. I think that was in grade 5?
Ooh! Me and my best friend at the time were dead children once! We wore pajamas, put makeup on like we were dead, slippers, and well, I really wish this picture turned out better so you could see how damn creative we were, even back then!

Then , one year I was a barbie. I just bought big pink bubble sun glasses that were NOT in style then – wish I still had them ’cause they’d come in handy today! And triangular earrings… you know – all the kind of barbie stuff.

But, as I was looking through all my old pictures trying to find Halloween costumes, I did find pictures that weren’t Halloween costumes… but sure as heck look like them! What were my parents thinking??

I sure hope this was an Easter outfit cause I’m surely dressed like a pink bunny!!
I look like a bean stock! Oh how I don’t miss you, corduroy!
Ok, I know I look like I’m performing in the circus with my multi coloured star shirt, green tie and pants, but nope – this was my “first day at school” outfit. Thanks, Dad.
I’m a scarecrow! I look like a damn scarecrow! But can we just focus on the glam I was even back then? Dead center and a kick of the foot! Wooooooooooow!

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