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Every Fashion Blog is Loving Ashley Bridget Jewelry

I discovered a new online jewelry store that I am going absolute bat shit crazy over – and you need to know about it. You know how Facebook takes your search information and then displays ads that are appropriate for you? No? Well they do, but it isn’t so stalkerish when you have stunning fashion blogs popping up on your live feed – or in this case, impeccable jewelry.

I kid you not. When I saw the Ashley Bridget jewelry advertisements scroll in my live feed, I had to gasp for air. I was astounded. The jewelry that was initially shown to me didn’t only remind me of Florida, but it was on point with the fashion trends. I was enticed, and then…

I saw the 80% off discount! So, obviously I went nuts.

Current Discount On All Fashion Jewelry

I just checked back on the Ashley Bridget jewelry website and that discount is no longer, but this week they do have a 50% off the entire store with a code, and I am telling you – shop away the fashion trends, ladies.

By the looks of their fashion blog, they tend to have a lot of sales and discounts which is totally fabulous. Hello to the frugal and fabulous fashionistas and fashion blog writers out there! However, don’t quote me on that. I don’t know for sure if they always have discounts – it just seems to appear that way thus far.

They were kind enough to recognize my obsession of Ashley Bridget jewelry and offered to do a contest for all of you Canadian fashion blogs readers to win a $100 gift card. Fabulously kind, right? So, go “like’ my Facebook to stay tuned for that.

Jewelry Fashion Trends That I Picked Out

Although the fashion jewelry collection on Ashley Bridget is vast, I wish that there was even more so that I could continue to go crazy. I am honestly addicted. The pieces are so innovative and unique yet have a chic and couture kind of appeal. Of course, the fashion trends are also to par. The anchors are what initially dragged me into the Ashley Bridget jewelry collection.

The fashion jewelry that I picked out were:

  • Expression Collection Jewelry: Journey
  • Expression Collection Jewelry: Strength
  • Necklace Collection Jewelry: Wisdom
  • Necklace Collection Jewelry : Voyage
  • Ring Collection Jewelry: Crush


As you can see, each one of the items has a meaning behind it which makes the actual fashion trends even more near and dear to you. My favourite pieces are the Journey, Strength and Voyage since the anchor is prominent throughout the style. Well, I really love the Crush ring and Wisdom necklace as well… Hell! They’re all my favourites.

When I Received Ashley Bridget In The Mail

My happiness with the brand was only beginning. When I received my fashion jewelry in the mail, everything was so cutely packaged – and call me crazy, but I love the packaging that companies place their items in. I just think it speaks volumes about how they want their brand to be perceived and the importance that they put on their products and company image.

So, when I saw that each fashion jewelry piece came in its own little cloth bag, I was smitten. Plus, it makes it much easier for my storage purposes as well!

I thoroughly checked out the durability and items and of course, I have been strutting these pieces in all of my lookbook ideas. This is what you can expect from what I have noticed so far.

  • The items look just as fabulous in real life as they do online

With purchases online, you sometimes find products that look amazing on the website, but when you receive them – they just aren’t as appealing. Well, that’s not the case. I noticed that what you see on the website is what you can expect for your wardrobe – which is super fab.

  • The durability and quality of the items are impeccable
  • Absolutely no flaws or manufacturing mishaps on the products
  • Information about the Ashley Bridget brand and the fashion trends of this jewelry you selected
  • I did notice that the bracelets with all the pendants are more ‘clustered’ together than they appear on the website.


There’s so much more, and I will obviously keep you guys posted if my opinion changes, but so far – so good. I am stoked.



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