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MMVA Katy Perry OPI Inspired Look

I have a few things up my thrifty, crafty little sleeve that I could share with you for today’s What’s For My Wednesday, but I decided to share with you my absolute favourite little crafty mccraftster craftastic that I crafted. Wow. “Get a load of this girl using craft like it’s going out of style,” is totally what you’re thinking right now, isn’t it.

I was watching the MMVA (Much Music Video Awards) this past weekend, and I’ll say I wasn’t all that impressed and I adore their shows, events and everything usually, but I was most definitely finding myself getting distracted and not really focusing on the show anymore and I thought that it’d be the perfect time to paint some nail designs.

There’s just something about Sundays that make pamper yourself / television days seem absolutely necessary.

After watching Katy Perry’s amazing performance on the MMVA’s this year, I was inspired. She’s such a gem and she sparkles, even when she’s trying to be subtle. She’s not like Lady Gag (yes, GAG) who tries to go above and beyond and is uncontrollably annoying to say the least. She just shines with who she is, which is what truly makes someone beautiful!

OPI, Nail Designs

I‘m a little bitter bug today, I think. Cursing up the MMVA’s, now Lady Gag… I wonder who’s next?

Back to Katy Perry’s performance, if you didn’t see it, you need to check it out. The set was beautifully crafted and artistic in a weird caccoon / butterfly funhouse. So naturally, I think I can be crafty and go grab my purple bottle of sparkles, which I bought a year ago and had yet to figure out what to do with them, and  matching polish and do an OPI nail designs tutorial… for myself. Trust me, me and my “brilliantideas” are usually more than a trial and error process, but I’ll have you know that I did, indeed, use the Justin Bieber purple… obviously.

I love the way my nail designs turned out and I don’t think pictures do justice but whatevs. All I did was paint my nail designs as I would normally (base, coat, coat) and


then I would usually just put a top coat on. Now, instead of painting the whole nail with my top coat, I took the brush and only placed it on my tips, as if I was getting a french manicure done. Immediately after (so the sparkles set), I sprinkle (poured haha) my  OPI finger nail tips with sparkles. Since the rest of your nail is dry, it’ll still hold a few sparkles but not near as much as the tips giving you a transition on your nails.

OPI, Nail Designs

It’s fun and flirty and cute and I love it. I’d rather have unique “did them myself”not perfect nails instead of a store-bought manicure or salon perfect look any day.

“Yeah, you see this disaster on my OPI  nails? $#%! yeah I did them myself!” 

I don’t think they’re a disaster though. What do you think? I should have cleaned up my nails before the pictures but let’s get serious here…. we all know patience is definitely not in my blood. I was excited! I wanted to take pictures… RIGHT THEN, AT THAT MOMENT, AND NOT A SECOND LATER!


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