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Material Girl Has Captured My Little Heart


This past weekend, I came across the ever so glam (and cheap clothes)from Madonna’s Material Girl line! There was this one specific piece that had all the fashion trends that I was desiring, and it totally captivated me in a way that no other item in The Bay could while I was shopping.

I came across this fabulous colour block dress,fashion trends galore and almost died. It was gawgeous and totally “me”. You know when you come across a piece where you just have to have it because it was just totally you? Well, this was the feeling I got when I came across this dress.

Cheap Clothes From Madonna #TrueStory

The gorgeous colours of orange, blue and pink colour blocked so fabulously and with this heat wave that we’ve been getting, the sheer material had me craving. Plus, the cut was perfected for a princess. It flowed beautifully and I love how the back was longer than the front. There is an elastic below the bust to add shape to your figure, but doesn’t bring too much attention to your boobays!

I saw the priced tag and for a whopping $25.00 (50% sale) I couldn’t have thrown this dress over my arm and marched off to the dressing room fast enough. Yay for cheap clothes that are on point with the fashion trends!

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Now, although this was my first purchase from Material Girl, it definitely isn’t the first time that I have eyed the line and totally wanted to indulge. The line is bang on with trends as well as setting trends. It gives a blast of what’s hot this season. It’s vibrant and perfect and to only be worn by those confident in their style and purchase. Sure, you can go get a colour blocking dress that is “safe”, but with Material Girl, they bring something so much more than the hottest trends. It’s hard to explain. You just have to look at the collection.

I have honestly worn this dress one too many times since purchases. You do the math. It’s now Wednesday, I purchased it Friday and I have worn it three times. I wore it out casually, and I wore it as a beach cover up and planned to wear it to a more formal party, which totally could be done with the right accessories.

And ladies, if you’re a frugal little being (which we all know that I’m totally not) purchasing items that are versatile and good quality is going to save you so much time. If you can rock one certain piece to various occasions, get it!

So that’s what’s for my Wednesday today. A love for Material Line. I’m happy I indulged because I am now, very much so, in love.

This little lovely piece will definitely make it’s appearances in my lookbook posts which can be found well throughout my fashion blogs.

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