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Manitoulin Island Is One Of the Amazing Things to Do in Ontario

Canada is definitely home to some of the best outdoor adventures as there are tons of things to do out in the wildest that will absolutely blow you away. If you’re truly looking to experience the great North, heading to Manitoulin Island will astonish you. Luckily, it is only a couple of hours from the border for any American’s that live close to Canada. So, book some time off and start enjoying all of the things to do that are so close to you.
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I recommend that you should take a day to enjoy Ontario and the things to do in the area of Tobermory before climbing or driving onto the Chi-cheemaun. Now, what in the world is that, you ask? It’s just another one of the amazing things to do! It’s a drive on ferry that allows you to explore the great lake for a couple of hours before arriving on the island. The ride is absolutely breathtaking and there is plenty of things to do while on the ferry as well.
manitoulin island, travel blogs, things to do, outdoor adventures,


Once on Manitoulin Island, you can always stop and explore the many outdoor adventures that instantly meet the eye. For me, I decided to start my drive through the island to find my little piece of haven; private land full of tree-filled acres and a private beach. When I say that the things to do in this area of Ontario are real outdoor adventures, I mean it because within minutes stepping foot on the land, you’re bound to see some sort of wildlife that will take your breath away. It may be a big black bear, some snakes, deer or even baby chipmunks, but it means so much more when you’re standing in the midst of trees.
manitoulin island, travel blogs, things to do, outdoor adventures,
There is also a lot of native land which brings plenty of things to do that will teach you about the history of the land that you’re standing on. You’re not going to believe what you may stumble across too! As I was skipping rocks on the private beach, I found a hand-made spearhead! With a little bit of research when I came home, I found out that the spearhead is an estimated 8000 years old! Apparently it’s a curse to remove such artifacts from the land though… Oops.
manitoulin island, travel blogs, things to do, outdoor adventures,
There are many more things to do on Manitoulin Island, but one of my favourite things to do is to just be.

Just be there; in the wilderness, using the land as your playground. 

If you’ve ever crossed the lake to enjoy the sights over on Manitoulin Island, I’d love to hear about your experience!



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