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Makeup Is Fashion


Before I do any sort of Monday Must Have post, I totally want to send out tons of love to my parents. They know that I have been struggling with the latest events in my life, hence why I packed up my car with whatever I could and hit the road. The road led me to the cottage unintentionally. It must be that I just knew those roads and well, here I am.


Okay, so what does that have to do with my parents? Well, they gave me a call last night, during Big Brother not to add (tsk tsk). My dad even made a joke, “Oh BB is on… so you won’t be able to talk long?” Well, usually that’s the case but as soon as I heard my parents on the other line asking how I was holding up, I busted down in tears telling them my whole life story. Hearing their love and support just made me cry even more. Long story short, my parents are going to try to take some days off work to come see me later this week at the cottage and made it apparent to call them, no matter what time it

I can’t thank my Dad and (Step)Mom for never, ever letting me fall, and doing whatever they can do to pick up my heart.

Okay, enough of the sappy shazz, right?

My look this weekend lead me to today’s must have post. I love how a hot red lipstick and gloss can take a simple look to a purely chic and fierce phenomenon. Just because lipstick is a makeup product doesn’t mean that it can’t make, or break a look! Just take a look!Wow! That was a lot of “look”‘s for once sentence!

In this picture from this past weekend, I’m wearing a simple white crotchet Guess dress. I’ve worn this look in recent lookbooks as well, and in comparison, it’s so much better when paired when a fabulous and chic lip colour. It just goes to show that…

Makeup is fashion!

Now, I often get asked what lipstick I am wearing when I rock this look and it is an Avon makeup  product. I don’t like telling people that because it truly isn’t that great of a lipstick. Sure, the colour is vibrant, but it comes off within minutes and don’t get me started on how this stuff smudges. Literally, you better be snapping your pictures within minutes of applying this Avon lipstick, and keep looking in the mirror because surely this will die off quickly, and well, you could look like a clown from the smudging.

Although I’m not a fan, try at your own risk!

Proceed with caution!

Hey! I’m just being honest. On the bright side though, this lipstick is rather old so it’s very possible that it is no longer an available option…. hopefully. Just sayin!

Oh, and if you haven’t guessed, having a great hue of that deep red in a lipstick is absolutely a must have item! Maybe just choose a different brand that offers colour AND quality.


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