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I’m At a Drag Queen Pageant

The concept of so many people hiding who they truly are baffles me. I am a strong believer in the idea that, as long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone else, you are allowed to be whoever you want to be – that is the definition of healthy living. I may not always understand other people’s lifestyle choices or relationship statuses, but I respect everyone for being who they really are. It takes some serious courage to put yourself out there, whether straight, gay, transgender, blue, purple, alien or not.

So, when my gay friend called me up this past weekend with last minute plans to go to a drag queen pageant that he was DJing at, I was obviously like a school girl in a candy shop when I said, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

I honestly couldn’t wait to hang up the phone to put rollers in my hair, false lashes on and to pick out what fabulous fashion I was going to wear for the night.

The night went as I expected; exciting, completely dramatic (Ms. Camilla Toe won the pageant – love the name) and hilarious, but there was something that this lifestyle blogs post couldn’t help but share as I sat back and smiled.

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In the audience, I was probably the only straight person which gave me the perfect opportunity to witness something that is very rarely seen. I was able to see same sex couples be exactly who they are.

WTF do I mean?

It is no secret that many gay couples don’t express their love as much as straight couples do when out in public, simply due to the ignorance that is within this society.

(Wow. That sentence made me sound so intelligent).

drag queens

So, when I was placed in a social situation where same sex couples were thoroughly accepted, it was a totally different situation and it gave me, not only a source of motivation, but a sense of humanity. As lesbians danced and grinded their cookies all over each other, and gay men busted out their best Lady Gaga performances on the dance floor, I just sat back and watched with a smile. Saying that out loud now makes me feel totally creepy and I definitely must of looked like a weirdo in the corner who had a secret fetish or something.

Jokes aside though, it was refreshing to see these people who have probably spent more than half of their lives hiding who they truly were, and the other half downgrading their personality when out in public, finally be themselves. They could intertwine their tongues all night and no one would have cared.

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It got me thinking about how awful it must feel to not be accepted by the general public; how awful it must feel to spend the better half of your childhood convincing yourself that you don’t like what you like; how awful it must feel to have people hate you before even getting to know you; and how awful it must feel to have society tell you that everything straight people are allowed to do is perverted or inappropriate if you people do the exact same.

What a crazy concept. Just think about that for a second. That’s like someone telling me that because I like dogs and not cats, 80% of the public will look at me in disgust.

Who Da Fack.


To wrap this lifestyle blogs post up, I would love, and strongly encourage, every gay, lesbian and transgender to treat every single public establishment as if it were 100% gay friendly, and I encourage it. Why? You deserve to be exactly who you are, sans the ‘gay friendly’ sign or atmosphere. 

As for everyone else, use this information as a source of motivation to change and accept – even those things that you don’t understand.

If someone has a problem with you, they’re the sore suckers. Seriously, who in the world has time for people who dislike others because they prefer something that the other person doesn’t. I think we can all see who the real ‘losers’, ‘weirdos’, ‘not right-ers’ are in this world.



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