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Let’s Be Honest, Size Matters!

penis size, relationship advice, loveIn honour of our very first Tantric Tuesday post, I figured why not start it off with a bang..literally. Without beating around the bush (heh heh), it’s time to settle the age old argument about penis size. Guess what gentleman, it matters! But before you peek down at your Johnson and have an anxiety attack, keep in mind, that penis size is like personality types, there’s one for everyone.

Now, I could rattle on and on about the mountain of scientific evidence of love, the opinions of “well-respected” psychologists, the musings of sex therapists and the good old fashioned media that sway one way or the other on the relationship advice topic, but the answer is very simple: Dick size matters!

Imagine you’re out on a date with a total hottie. You can’t take your eyes off of him, his smile makes your legs quiver, he’s blathering away about his career but looks up and all of a sudden realizes that you’re far more interested in his mouth doing other things. You take him back to your place, things are getting hot and heavy, you start to undo his belt, slip his jeans down (nice, he wears Calvins), you take the plunge and reach in….sigh…you’ve got a guppy and you thought you’d be getting a shark. Don’t get me wrong, guppies are fun. They’re cute, curious, uber popular, but they’re not always something to write home about. Unless, you’ve got skills. No man wishes they had a super small penis. There are few things worse than laying down with a woman and half way through the romp she’s asking if “you’re in.”

penis size, relationship advice, love


Now let’s go back to the same scenario. He’s in your bedroom, clothes are flying off faster than a backstage wardrobe change at a Victorias Secret runway show, and you’re about to have the lay of your life. Your fingers can’t work fast enough on his pants, and you feel it. In three seconds flat, you realize you’ve got a front row seat to the circus. It’s so massive, it could have its own stand-up act. Just like most women don’t sign up for a guppy, they don’t necessarily expect to go to bed with a rib-tickler.

So what does all this mean? Is average better? Obviously! But what happens to those under and over-endowed boys? Well, like all men, you’ve got some work to do! For men with a small penis, you’ve got a pull a few extra tools out of the ‘ol box. Remember the number of women who orgasm from intercourse only is really low. Use that talented tongue, find her erogenous zones, and do some research onrelationship advice! For the overly-endowed gents, the advice is similar. Just because you’ve got a giant dipstick and you’re the envy of all the boys in the locker room, doesn’t mean the ladies are going to enjoy having their organs rearranged. Take it easy, learn the nuances of her body, and keep the focus on her, and not on your donkey-sized dong!


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