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Jumping Off The Band Wagon of Sally Hansen Nail Designs

Weird, but true story. I received a professional wrapped package in the mail the other week that had no return address, and a simple piece of paper that stated it was shipped First Class Priority Mail. I thought for a second that a terrorist might be trying to anthrax my ass or something. Although skeptical, my impatience and curiosity got the best of me and I opened it up.

I knew I hadn’t ordered anything recently, so I was prepared for something to pop out at me and try to kill me. Honestly. A little dramatic, but true.

nail designs

Instead, when I opened the package, I noticed three little Sally Hansen Nail Designs laying at the bottom of the perfectly packaged envelope. (Obviously it was a big envelope!) Now, I would usually be extremely excited about receiving free stuff from god-knows-where, especially nail stickers, but I was not.

Why, you ask?

I’m kind of jumping off of the Sally Hansen nail designs band wagon. I know, I know. I preached about these things when they first came out, and trust me, I did absolutely adore them, again, when they first came out, but something has changed. They aren’t as durable. They aren’t as thick. They chip immediately. They don’t go on so flawlessly. They simply aren’t what they were.


You used to be able to put Sally Hansen nail designs on effortlessly, and although they come with a $10 price tag, it was totally worth it because they wouldn’t chip for at least 10 days, and for a 10 day manicure, which is essentially what you get with these nail stickers, it’s a totally cheaper alternative to heading to the salon. However, the 10 day no chip ordeal simply doesn’t happen anymore. And trust me! I loved them so much that I kept convincing myself that it was the batch, or just a bad time for my nails, but the consistent bad “batch” has me thinking that someone may have gotten us hooked on a product, only to change it on us!
nail designs


I honestly don’t know what happened! I thought that maybe it was the location I was buying them at, so I made it my mission to purchase them from different stores, and different cities even. Still… The same problem. They were just… Not good! I spoke with friends from around Canada who all agreed that they were amazing and now definitely arent, and I even spoke with some girls in the cosmetic section of department stores. They too, said the same thing. The nail stickers are different than when they were first released. One of the girls even suggested that maybe the shelf life isn’t what they had expected. So, I took it upon myself to email them and find out what in the world happened to the nail stickers that I adored oh-so-much.

nail designs

Apparently, nothing has changed. They are miraculously thinner, worse quality, and in my opinion, not worth spending $10 on anymore, but for no reason at all. I’m not sure if this is true, but the company representative that I spoke with said that nothing has changed. They are the same. So… Who knows. Regardless of their answer to my questions as to the complete turnaround in quality for the nail stickers, my endless belief and hope for the product, and continuous experience with poor quality speaks for itself.


Honestly, I wouldn’t purchase them. In fact, I don’t purchase them anymore. Not for $10! I will definitely ask for them for gifts, or if they’re on a 50% sale, but I will not purchase them for the full amount. They aren’t worth it anymore.

So, will I use the three Sally Hansen nail designs that were sent to me? Absolutely. Have I? Yup! I actually just used one, and the next day half of them were off. And trust me, I have used them so much when they were amazing, that I know there’s something going on. My beauty-spidie sense is going off! I personally think that the package was from the Sally Hansen nail stickers department. I truly have no idea. I’d like to thank them, but also inform them that I’m on to them.


nail designs


…. The same day I put them on, I took another picture….

nail designs

Honestly though, I’m sad that the bad quality of these nail designs seems to be a consistency. I haven’t had a good experience with them since two summers ago, which is when they first came out. I used to live by these things. Not anymore. I’m off to find other nail designs that actually work.

Any suggestions, ladies?

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