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I’m serious, my life writing beauty blogs really isn’t that entertaining this week because all I’m doing is rushing around like a chicken with its testicles cut off (ha – you like how I switched that up) trying to get everything done before I leave to Florida. When do I leave to Florida, you ask? As if you don’t already know, you little stalkers you! 😉 But… I leave Sunday… for anyone that wants to stalk me that hasn’t already started.

The Best Proof of all Beauty Blogs

I want to share a conversation with you that I had with my friend Brittney regarding beauty products. I used to work with her back in the day, and she’s a total rocket. Like seriously, when she asks me for fashion/beauty advice, I feel like she’s joking because she doesn’t need it. She’s a babe. I adore her.

Anyway, she was asking about extensions and I don’t use extensions because I’m au natural and my hair is too! Holler… but being the amazing fashion blogger that I am and yes I am tooting my own horn today, I know which products are fab and I recommended a product that I use to naturally grow my hair longer and fast.

So without further ado, stalk the conversation below to find out about beauty products that majestically make your hair fast and longer. It’s quite products, beauty blogs, beauty tips, canadian bloggers, fashion blogger, famous fashion blogger, fashion blog, style blog,  fast hair, fast hair growth, how fast hair grows, fast hair grow, grow hair faster, fast grow hair, how to, make hair grow faster, how to grow long hair, growing hair fast,  fast hair shampoo, products


(I know… it’s a crazy concept, right?)

question for you, do you know of a good place to get extensions done like a weave ?
lol i miss my long hair

lol I have nooo idea. I’ve never had extensions. Sorry!

its all good
i have clip ins but their just annoying at times
i just want my hair to grow lol!

you should try this shampoo called FAST. it works wonders


where can i buy it ?

online and probably in stores. its in missiauga. well, the headquarters

it works good lol ?
also question for you

yup!! check out their facebook!

Brittney:the one picture you have your hair in a high bun but it looks so nice like its all slicked back, how do you do it ?!

lol In that dp pic, I took two pieces and formed a “bow” and used bobby pins to secure it and the ends of my hair – just kind of hid them and wrapped them around the bun to help it hold.
You can do it with 4 pieces, as well as 6
try it


so seperate my ponytail into 2 ?

yup and just move the pieces arund and fold them until you like what you see since i have super long hair i took the ends and wrapped them around the base of the bun before pinning them, which also covers the elastic which is hawwwt!


lol my hair is like shoulder length but its so thin

so my buns always look so tiny

my hairs pretty thin too. use a paste to help hold the strands together like a wax. I used Wen styling creme. AMAZING hair therapy too!! more expensive, but absolutely amazing stuff

order that online too ?

Its called Wen by Chaz Dean. yupp lol the power of online shopping!

lool addiction!


So for her (and you), I will be doing that tutorial as well. I guess this conversaton isn’t proof that it was a real one, but I swear it was. I swear. lol

Alright, good night guys! 😉


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