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It’s a Miu Miu Must Have Monday!

And it’s the first…


If you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, you can look to the side and see the website schedule. Now don’t worry ladies and my fabulous current readers, I’ll still be giving all the nitty gritty on my life, but now you’ll also get fashion updates. Amazing, right?

So what makes something a must have? You know when you’re online window shopping or walking through a store and that one fashion piece jumps our at you and completely captivates your mind, body and soul? Okay, well that’s creepy if you said “yes” to that… but I am totally creepy with you because when I find a fashion piece that I love, it’s no longer a “want” but rather a need. I need it and words can’t explain it. I will think about it until I get it.

Wait a second… it sounds like I have an addiction?

Hmmm… I have had several people tell me I have a shopping problem…!

Well, that is a Must Have item. Something that just steals your heart and jumps at you from the clothing racks.

This is definitely a Must Have Fashion item for me and you’re probably wanting me to shut the front door and just tell you what it is already, aren’t you? I saw these adorable booties the other week, and it is very possible that I may be a little late to come across these babies because Spring is almost here, and they definitely look like a great fashion accessory for Fall or Winter, however.. I still love them, must have them, want them, need them and will absolutely rock them regardless of the season.

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I don’t know what it is about these bad boys, but I am loving them. They give me those lovely butterflies in my stomach just from looking at them. What do people call that? Love at first sight, I think. They are Miu Miu which is gawd damn even too expensive for me… and I’ll justify almost anything overly-priced. However, it is an absolute must that I find something similar (identical, damnit!) to these. They are unique and have so much individuality, and we all know I know some good (faux) fur. The detailing is FAAAABULOUS.

It’s definitely a Miu Miu Must Have Monday.

What are you guys currently in love with and absolute adore and must have?

I have seriously been so sick in bed for the past seven days. I’m still pretty sick but I just couldn’t wait to get back to you guys. How passionate am I, today?


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