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I’m Trending On Much Music

Today was such a blast for this lifestyle blogs writer. I took a road trip to Toronto to do a video shoot with Much Music for their show #trending. I have been on their show before, which airs every Friday at 6pm EST and reruns often, but they have just used my Youtube footage. It was a new and effin rad experience to actually be there, with a mic and camera, producers and editors all around me. I made it official today, that this is 100% definitely my scene. As if I didn’t already know this! Ha!

I brought Katie to Toronto with me. This is totally her scene and she just graduated school and is looking into this type of work, so I thought it would be fun for her to come watch and support me and see what I do behind the scenes as well. Plus, I needed someone to belt out the Dirty Dancing soundtrack with me while cursing all the crazy drivers in Toronto.

We went to a Toronto store called Originals. And let me tell you, was it ever original! Such crazy, unique stuff, but absolutely amazingly adorable! I fell in love!!

Here are some pictures of the fab day.
I met these adorable ladies who are also youtubers! Check out Rachspeed and Maple Sunset.

lifestyle blogs, much music

Here are more photos of the day;

lifestyle blogs, much music

Yay! Katie got in the shot! And producer Arlene! Love both these ladies!

lifestyle blogs, much music
lifestyle blogs, much music

Which dress do you think was my fave?


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