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I’m Kind Of Like George Zimmerman

I’m kind of like George Zimmerman! Only, I’m not American, and I’m not the same race of George Zimmerman. I don’t kill people, nor do I even approach them. Ok, well, maybe I’m not really like George Zimmerman at all…

But I do like to stalk people from time to time!

Unintentionally, of course.

Living downtown brings a lot of enjoyment, and sometimes healthy living is about being nosey.  I spend probably way more time than I want to admit, watching people from my apartment windows. Drunk people yelling, car accidents, fighting, people being ran overby cars, marital squabbles, and more recently, I caught a freaky pocket-ball player.

Oh yeah, I went there.

Wait, this is making me sound a little more morbid than I intended. Jokes aside though, it is perfect for my life as a writer for lifestyle blogs.

The other night,  I went out to walk my dogs before bedtime. As I reached the end of my building, they started acting really weird, and in the pitch dark, I see a man wearing a bandana over his face slowly creep out from the bushes that are right at the windows of the first floor apartments.

Talk about being startled.

I thought that he might have been taking a pee, but he didn’t leave. He literally stood in the middle of the front lawn… Looking at me from the corner of his eyes, waiting for me to leave.

It was weird, creepy, intimidating, and extremely odd… So, I got my skinny little blonde ass out of there – one of the best life quotes to follow. Retreat!

It was 1AM, and I wasn’t looking to die any time soon. Since my Aunt Mar is the property manager, I woke her up to tell her that I think I may have just caught someone trying to break into the apartments on the first floor.

I took out her bedroom windows screen, and stick my head right out into the blistering cold of the night. The guy was back at the bedroom windows on the first floor! So, naturally, she crawls her ass out of bed and sticks her head out of the window with me.

Was he playing pocket ball?

Were his pants enlarged?

… Or was he just happy to see me?

Kidding… Honestly, it was creepy. It was pretty obvious that he was peeping in the windows of the bedrooms on the first floor. What a sicko whacko jacko, right?

As my Aunt Mar was on the phone with the police, I froze my ass off in the window, determined to get a description of the guy. Obviously, I watch a lot of cop television shows and movies – and that’s not to mention my true crime collection of books.

I’m not sure if he saw my massive head sticking out of the building, or my camera lights flashing as I caught his dirty ass on camera, but he took off before the 3 cop cars arrived.

Oh, yeah ladies. 3 cops were spending the night with me. Whhhhew!

That’s the end of the story. Honestly, I wish I had more for you, but I don’t. There is no happy ending. Well, not for us anyone. Gross!

He got away. So, I have spent the last couple of nights waking up at random times to pop my head out of my window. I’ll catch him one day!

One day, I’ll get ya – you little weirdo.

I should stake out one night. That…. Or I should get a life. The prior sounds so much more fun though.



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