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Shopaholics and fashion blogs, prepare to fall in love. I want to show you a new Spring coat I recently purchased from a new online fashion store called Hautelook, and let me just tell you ladies… if you’re not on – you’re missing out. This site is amazing with deals and goodness and I’m pretty sure I log on every morning to see what else is new on the site!

Of course, this coat is Jessica Simpson but just hold your horses for a second. I know I purchase a hella of Jessica Simpson stuff, but she is my favourite brand and celebrity. Can’t hate. I promise you it’s not all I purchase…even though this week has been very Jessica Simpson filled.

Regardless of the brand, how adore is this Spring coat? I contemplated some time between the beige and the off-white. I really liked the contrast and unique colouring of the beige and red together, but the off-white colour pulled me in. It has a fabulous contrast as well.

I picked this coat because it’s the ultimate Spring coat. Look how versatile it can be? The detailing and fit is perfect for a night out with some girls, or just running errands around the city.

Versatility means you save money.. because now you have a jacket that can kill more than two birds with one stone. This coat could take out 10 effin birdddsss beeeatccch.

Okay, I have no idea where I was going with that, so let’s just pretend that it never happened. And of course, I’m most definitely still going to buy more coats. Versatility rocks, but it definitely doesn’t save a shopaholic any money because we find ANY reason and excuse to spend, don’t we?

I’ll end this fabulous Fashion Friday with two completely random yet awesome things I saw fashion, fashion blogs,, jessica simpson collection, spring wear, jacket, coat, 2012 spring trends, spring trends 2012, fashion blog, style blog, fashion friday, spring fashion,  jessica simpson clothes,  train tracks, man hanging off of train, note, love letter


The picture to the left is a city worker on top of a train track light thing-a-ma-jig, wiping it down!!! Who knew that these lights up there get cleaned?! I thought that’s what rain was for!? This is where my taxes go… really? I’m just kidding. I totally don’t care about where my money goes… obviously!! Plus, this gave me a super interesting picture. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that didn’t know that these things get cleaned? It’s kind of a weird sight…

The picture to the right is a letter my dad wrote me as a joke. We are total kids together and this was on the front door when I arrived at his place the other day with Ash and Aid. Ashlee stuck it on my car, and forever it shall stay.  Can we just pay attention to how my dad said, “sup”.

I also went and visited my fabulous grandpa who is my life. Love him dearly!  He’s turning 81 this year and getting up there, so I make sure to tell him I love him and give him a million kisses whenever I get the chance.

I told him that he can’t die until I do.

He told me that I’m sh!t out of luck.

We have this thing that when we say goodbye, I say..

“I love you grandpa.”

“I love you more tillybugs.”

“No I love you most ”

“Nooo you don’t! I love you most of most tilly!”

He’s my world. xo



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