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You’re Allowed to be an A$$hole if You’re an Artist


You’re an artist now; you’re allowed to be an a$$hole.

That’s what my friend said to me the other afternoon as we sipped Tim Hortons Iced Coffees on my back porch. I haven’t seen nor talked to him in several years, but with this quick statement, I knew he understood me. As an artist, which I never really seen myself as until now, you do get to push the boundaries a little bit. After all, your craft is your creative outlet, and you shall do whatever you want. I was so excited to sit down and have a conversation with someone who understand that; who understand the power of my creative thinking; opinions and ability to go beyond points that other artists wouldn’t dare. Okay, so I’m not saying we are all a$$holes, but we certainly don’t let a little emotion get in the way of our craft.

But then I got thinking; how many other stereotypes about artists are actually fairly true. I giggled to myself as my brain started thinking about all the hilarious things said about artists, and now that I see myself as one, how true some of them actually are.

So, to all my fellow a$$hole artists; here are some stereotypes that will make you smile.


#1 We are a$$holes

I already established this point, but I felt like it was worthy of another mention. If expressing yourself and not holding back makes you an a$$hole, then an a$$hole I shall be! Who’s with me?


#2 We sleep all day

To be fair, we only sleep all day  because our creative hours just happen to be at 2AM when we’re just about to drift off into dream land!

#3 We are snobby

We aren’t snobby. We just suck at almost everything other than our craft, so we take pride in that… And think we know it all.

#4 We are highly emotional

Ehh. Not really. I mean, I’m no more emotional than the next person but emotions certainly do help inspire us artists.

#5 We only hang out with other creative individuals

This stereotype is ridiculously inaccurate. While I can appreciate another artist when I come across one, I’m much more intrigued by people who do something completely different from what I do. The only time you’ll see me in a group of nerd herds writers is at a conference!

#6 We don’t leave the house without a sketchbook or notebook

Guilty as charged. I don’t even have a rebuttal – and no, the iPhone “notes” doesn’t do justice.



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