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The Bestie As She Left on her Overseas Adventure Travel

overseas adventure travel, cheap vacations

The past two days have been really awesome because my best friend Katie flew in to start her overseas adventure travel, which is just a totally weird coincidence to begin with. Way before I ever decided to take my road trip to Florida, Katie decided that she was going to work on a cruise ship for 6 months. A couple of months after she was hired to work on a cruise ship, she was waiting to be informed as to where she would port from which could be anywhere, really. I headed off on my road trip to Florida and she still wasn’t aware as to where she would be leaving from. I was hoping somewhere in Florida.

It just so happened that her cruise ship was scheduled to leave from Tampa, which is about a half an hour from me. That’s not only the good news. She was to arrive a day early, two days after my birthday! What a birthday gift that was. So although my dad is currently here visiting, I told him he was on his own on April 28th because Katie was flying in. He was okay with it, but he didn’t really have a choice. Hello! It’s my best friend who I won’t see for 6 months as she goes to work on a cruise ship.

Yesterday morning I was so excited to see her, I could barely sleep and anyone who knows me is well aware that I love me some good sleepy! I drove to Tampa airport and picked that pretty tall blonde up from gate F68. Seeing her was unreal, but then to see her in Tampa… What are the chances. We spent the day resting by the pool at her hotel as she had to start her work on a cruise ship the next day (Today). We enjoyed some fabulous jams with my convertible roof down as we drove from the airport, and sat down and had a nice lunch. Of course, we had a lot of gossip to catch up on. Although prior to this I did call her once a week.

overseas adventure travel, cheap vacations

So after a nice day in the sun in Tampa, I decided that I should come back home to check up on my father. Who knows what kind of trouble he could get without any supervision! Luckily, he was a sleepy old man when I returned.

overseas adventure travel, cheap vacations

Today at 5pm, I knew Katie’s cruise would leave from Tampa and I also know that I can see cruise ships that leave from Tampa right from my backyard – and there’s a ton of them since they are such cheap vacations!  So Dad and I planned our day to be here when her cruise left port. We sat on the ocean wall in my backyard, with Diva and Princeton, and a pesky pelican, and watched as her cruise ship floated across the horizon to do some overseas adventure travel. It was pretty cool just knowing that she was on there, and she knew I would be watching.

overseas adventure travel, cheap vacations

Awww. It’s love. There’s some people in your life that will just never leave your side, and Katie is definitely one of those people hence why she holds the best friend title since grade 9. That girl has picked me up off of the ground so many times, and is by far, the sweetest babe in this world. I love you, Katie! I’ll see you in six months, babe!  Be good… Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Which pretty much leaves it wide open! (Sorry, Mom and Dad R.)

Want to know the weirdest thing though? We met a guy in Tampa who was our bartender who mentioned that he was from Canada and moved here 16 years ago. However, he ended up being from our city and not only that, but we share the same friends! Talk about a small world!




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