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I Want My Own Things

photo (6)Honestly, since being away from home, I have really started to appreciate having your own things… Because I don’t have them. True story. You may think it’s nice having the option of renting a furnished vacation condo, but it’s not as great and dandy as you think. There’s no sort of personality in this beast. Okay, well I guess there is… But it’s not my personality so it doesn’t count. Honestly, I have a couch with sailboats on it. Really? Really? Tackazoid.



Photo Credit: Urban Barn

I keep dreaming of how nice it’d be to have a nice, leather sofa. Oooh, or better yet, I’ll take a zebra print bean bag chair. Oh, how I would love to have some sort of zebra in here. My animal print fashion is certainly lacking in this beast. The most comfortable place in my rental is the bed. I’ll give it to the owners. The bed is phenomenal but who wants to be in bed all the time when they’re on vacation? Not me!


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Hmmm. I wonder what else I tell you about this rental place that will make you giggle like a school girl. It has a piano in it… The keys fall off when you touch them. It makes for a great excuse when you can’t play a proper note if your life depended on it.



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I guess you can say that I miss having a place to call my own. I don’t miss it enough to come home yet though! I can’t believe that if I don’t find another place, I’ll be home in two weeks. Two weeks! And even then I won’t be living amongst my own things because all my furnishings are packed away. What is a girl to do?

I’ll just be over here on this side of the computer, with my mirror frames full of family photos, my Justin Bieber calendar and my PS3. That’s pretty much all I have here that is mine. Oh, and I have dead flowers currently sitting on a coffee table in front of me. How elegant.




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