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I Totally Get it!

Call me crazy… call me whatever you want to call me, but know that I have such a sweet spot for Ben and Courtney from The Bachelor and I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say that. I kinda, absolutely, sort of, really truly love them as a couple. As individuals, they may not be my favourite people, but together, they really share true love.

I am sensitive to their feelings and relationship because I totally get it. Although I was never on The Bachelor and had a much smaller audience than the world judging me at once, I get it.

Judging By My Love

I get what it feels like to have people judge you from the way you’re portrayed on the tv or in an article. I get how it feels to have things edited a certain way, and not always positive, simply for entertainment. I get how it feels to have people judge you and your relationship without taking the time to get to know anything first about you, your love, or happiness. I get how it feels to have so much negativity surrounding such a new relationship. I get how it feels to just want to love the love of your life, so bad… and have everyone else’s pessimism ruin it.

What is love, relationship advice, I simply and totally get it.

The Bachelor has the opportunity to portray Courtney whatever way they please and essentially, whatever way that will give them the highest views and ratings. It’s simply entertainment. It takes so little to edit a clip to make an amazing person look horrible. I’m not saying she’s a saint, and quite frankly I don’t care, but I think when it comes down to it, people need to  just let people live their lives and be happy. People are so wrapped up in what they don’t have, or could have…. so wrapped up in other people’s business that they’ll do whatever it takes to make themselves happy… even if it’s at the expense of someone else’s happiness or relationship.

I get it. 

Motivation to Keep Your True Love True

It has almost been a year with Jon. A year next week – to the day, actually. I have been judged, scrutinized and hated on simply because of what people read or see online, not giving me the time of day to meet me for me. I’m not complaining because I love what I do and I can handle the outside thoughts. All I’m saying is I totally get it.

I get how it feels to have a once in a lifetime kind of love and want nothing more than to just be together. Be amazing together. Be happy together, because you’re so miserable without one another… but every one else keeps putting their nose in your business and surrounding your relationship with negativity. I get what it feels like to be so completely in love and happy, but overwhelmed by everyone else’s lack of the two. I get what it feels like to question if happiness together is worth all the drama.

I get how it feels to be so intensely happy and infatuated with someone and break up not because of your relationship, but because everyone else is determined to make you unhappy. I get it and I have gone through that for the past year, and that’s why I have such a soft spot for The Bachelors Ben and Courtney… because they are currently going through what Jon and I have dealt with for the past year.

My Relationship Advice For Ben and Courtney

If there’s anything I could say to them, it would be to love the love you both know you have… and forget about all the negativity from other people who’s surrounding them, because at the end of the day, why should you guys end and be miserable simply so people that have NO IDEA be happy?

Sounds kind of silly, right? I can’t tell you how many times those exact words have been said from Jon or I.

“Why should we end our amazing relationship and be miserable without one another just so sad people around us that don’t matter can be happy?”

It sounds easy, but I also get how overwhelming such a constant blast of challenges can be. You are the only one that can determine “what is love” between you and your babe!

I can truly say that my relationship has never been better. My relationship has never be stronger. The heart has never been fonder. And our smiles have never been brighter. Only come tomorrow, can I say this again because we truly love each other more every single day and less than the one to come.

After all the bumps and hardships, if the love is worth it, you’ll find a way.It just works out that way.I’m happy to say that we have found a way. All it takes is cutting out the bad.

It’s all about trimming the fat on life. 

So to The Bachelors Ben and Courtney…. love hard, strong and fierce. You deserve it.Who doesn’t?

I get what it’s like to have the only miserable thing in your life together, being the people who aren’t even in it.

I get it.

There just comes a time when you realize the people who matter don’t mind. And the people who mind don’t matter.





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