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Inspiration Stories: I Love Me

I’m crazy, chantal, poetry, poem, self worth, inspirational stories, lifestyle blogs, life quotes, quotes about life

I’m insane,

I say a lot of dumb shit.

I’m wild,

and untamed,

I do things I always regret.

I’m impulsive,

I’m reactive,

And I don’t give a $#@!.

I’m blunt,

And too honest,

Although not always enough.

I’m vain,

Barely sane,

Doing things that I should refrain.

I’m hot tempered,

And big headed,

But a bitch to those I need.

I’m charismatic,

Yet devious,

Sometimes stuck in between.

I’m gregarious,

And sociable,

But talk a lot about me.

I make mistakes,

and am aware,

But continue doing as I please.

I’m vivacious,

Enjoy confrontation,

And sometimes even mean.

I get nasty,

When you push me,

But always rush to over please.

I’m selfish,

Sometimes prudent,

Oxymoron is my middle name.

I’m moody,chantal mcculligh, poetry, poems,

and intense,

Why are people envious of me?

I give advice,

And preach it well,

But make the same mistakes myself.

I fall down,

And down again,

But always try to get right back up.

I’m cowardly,

And naive,

Sometimes beyond what anyone can believe.

I love,

And I cry,

Sometimes I wonder why I try?

I give my heart,

Here take it,

All I ask is for you not to break it.

I trust my heart,

Not my gut,

Which often proves me very wrong.

I let people in,

And trust with all,

Just to have them watch me fall.

I love loud,

I love long,

And sometimes way too strong,

I’m flirtatious,

and bodacious,

Far from any type of religious,

But this is who I am,

I am me,

And I love that person endlessly.




This is 100% my lifestyle blogs favourite piece. It takes a lot to love yourself; the good and the bad. I hope that you all can find some inspirational stories throughout my words.

2 Responses
  • Darin
    November 25, 2011

    I believe you know yourself quite well. I do see that you haven’t change much since the day I first met you!

    Looks good on you,

    All my best

  • Chantal McCulligh
    November 25, 2011

    Aw Darin. As I always say, it means the world from people that really really know me. LOL Heck… you watched me grow up! lol

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