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Sock Bun Hair Styles on my Head


Wednesday, Wednesday, what’s up Wednesday? I hope you all had a good hump today! Oh, get your mind out of the gutters. I mean hump, as in the hump of the week. Still thinking dirty? I’m glad we’re on the same page.

I rocked my Wednesday with a fabulous sock bun! Oh yes, yes I did. And why is it called a sock bun, you ask? Well because the bun is created from a sock. I mean, the reality of i

t is actually quite comical. You’re walking around all day with a sock in your hair. Literally. A sock!

However, I’ll rock a sock on my head whenever I want because this look is adorable and super trendy right now. Of course, you will definitely be getting a tutorial soon but it is extremely easy.

  • Cut the toe of a sock off (the thicker the better)
  • Put your hair in a ponytail (where you want the bun to be)
  • Roll the sock so it’s kind of a donut scrunchy looking thing
  • Put it over your ponytail and start at the end of your strands
  • As you roll the sock, fold your hair over it in all directions
  • Tuck in any loose pieces

Hair StylesYes, that’s correct ladies. That is all you have to do and it is as easy as it sounds. And then you can spend the whole day giggling to yourself because you have a sock in your hair styles. It is kind of silly, right?

Aside from being a sock head all day, I was addicted to my new-found love of shoes. Okay, who are we kidding? My love of shoes is definitely not “newfound“. Heck, that’s old news! However, today I did a video to show my latest purchases from JustFab and Hautelook.

Other than that, I have been on a serious hunt for a new dress for this coming weekend as I have a wedding to attend. I mean, of course I have dresses in my closet but none that I want to wear. Typical, right? But seriously, if I’m not feeling happy and confident, I’ll look just as awful so I can’t just “settle” for something that I am just simply not feeling at the moment. However, I haven’t found anything that I have fallen in love with in the stores and I can’t justify a purchase of $100 for something that I potentially may never wear again. Okay, I usually can justify a purchase of that sort, but for some reason, I just couldn’t do it.

So here I sit, stuck in a little fashion rut. I have this yellow dress that I purchased years ago that I have never worn but despite my Hair Stylesextensive shoe collection, I can’t find anything that completes the look. It also doesn’t help that the yellow almost has a shiny rust look to it in certain lights. It’s a gorgeous fashion piece, but it’s just not loving me right now. I then have this gorgeous garden dress from this boutique and it would look fabulous with a shoe that has the exact orange that is in the dress, or a cream white, but I have neither. I know, how can my extensive shoe collection have everything except the two colours that I’m looking for.

All the more reason to go shopping, right?


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