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How to Wear the Floral Trouser Fashion Trends

My boyfriend might think my floral trousers look like something out of my grandma’s closet, and my mom may not understand this set of fashion trends, but to each their own because this fashion blog is loving the;

floral trouser trend.

fashion blog, fashion trends, lookbook

You know that feeling when you see a piece of fashion and you get those warm tingles in your tummy and you just need it? These Jessica Simpson Achilles trousers were totally it.

fashion blog, fashion trends, lookbook

Yes. Totally out of my element but fashion trends are all about trying something new and different so I thought, what the heck!

fashion blog, fashion trends, lookbook

I gave you three different lookbooks because you’re probably not used to trousers – and yes, the are different from just any other pant or pair of jeans. The fit is different, the lining, the feeling – everything. So, learning how to work them into your wardrobe (or in my case, fashion blog) it can seem darn impossible.

My trick of the trade was to;

Grab the accent colours out of the trousers and incorporate them into the rest of your outfit.

Simple enough! As you can see, each lookbook provided shows how you can work these fashion trends into your wardrobe both casually, formally and a mixture of both. It’s the ultimate guide to professional style.

Is there a fashion trend that is totally new to you that you’re trying this fashion season?




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