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Home Shoot

Today was a crazy, busy and interesting day for my lifestyle blogs. I woke up and worked a few hours before my computer completely died on me. I currently have a new one in the mail, but that wasn’t going to do anything for me as I needed it right this instant… or that instant…. this instant… you know what I mean!

Writing Lifestyle Blogs

In the line of business that I am in, being as I work for myself mostly, time is money. Anyone that knows entrepreneurship or business management would be able to agree. Since my computer was completely busted, my good friend Brandon and I decided to do a completely overdue photo shoot. Time is money, right? This sucks in so many ways because when you could be doing other (fun)things, you’d rather be working… because time is money. In order to make the money, you need to put endless hours in to being successful. I could get deep into thought, but I won’t. So Brandon and I decided to kill two birds with one stone. A photo shoot… so we are “working” while hanging out. It works, right?

Photoshoot Time

If you’re wondering who in the world Brandon is, he is one of my guy friends that I always rant and rave about. We’ve been great friends for years and he is actually the host of the show I co-host for. In every other situation, I’d never recommend working with a friend. However, it is perfect for us! We are always on the same wavelength and have that type of friendship. I guess we’re pretty darn lucky!

After hanging out at his house with his family for a bit, we headed out for the photo shoot, which I just did at my home. We made a set in my room and TADA! It’s amazing what kind of photos you can get done with the right photographer, lighting and camera. I’m serious… this shazz makes a huge difference. I did some lingerie photos specifically for Brandon’s portfolio, as well as mine…. and I’m sure I’ll give Jon a sneak peak of course! 😉 Maybe even a little Christmas present Santa-girl outfit pics were done? Who knows! Maybe? Hmmmm lol

A Day in the Life

We then took some great photos for my lifestyle blogs! I can’t wait for you to see them! They are so much fun and I love being in front of the camera. Well, I guess that’s pretty obvious, eh? It, of course takes a little bit of time for the pics to get done and all prettied up but we are both very satisfied with the outcome and what little we had to work with. I mean, being in my house and everything. I, of course, was absolute fab, if I may toot my own horn. HA I am just kidding!

It’s now super later, and I am zonked. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and after work all day, I am heading to my best friend’s Katies to visit her famjam for Christmas and give them gifts. Then… I am heading home to stay at my parentals for Christmas. I can’t wait to give them their gifts!!!!! I love giving gifts! It has to be my favourite!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas themselves. Be safe and have a drink for me! Well, only if you’re legal! 😉


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