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My Hidden Travel Destination in Florida

For many years I have traveled down to the east coast of the United States and stayed in one of the best vacation rental homes in Florida. This little gated community (that’s not so little) came with furnishing, linens, and a lifestyle that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. I continue to go to visit friends, family and love the ocean as if I’ve never seen it before. Why do I stay in the same place, you ask? Coquina Key gated community is where I continue to stay because it’s nestled right on the shore of Tampa Bay. It has everything you could every want and more. In fact, it is the best kept secret in the area. Here are some clips of my hidden gem and why there’s no other place in the world you should go for vacation.


My first stay in a vacation rentals homes in Florida:


My most recent stay in vacation rental homes in Florida back in 2015:


Now I know what you’re thinking, how did I find such an amazing place? Well, I looked online. If you’re traveling with hopes of truly experiencing the love and life of the land, you have to explore off the beaten path. For this reason, I searched for vacation rental homes in Florida and stumbled across Coquina Key in St. Petersburg. I only intended on staying for 1 month before heading onto somewhere new, but one month turned into 5 months… and then 6 months the next year, and 6 months the next, and 6 months the next. And well, you get the picture.

Real Estate Agent in Coquina Key

Because of my obsession with the vacation rental homes in Coquina Key, I now have an awesome Florida real estate agent who I used for my stays in Coquina Key Beach. It beats having to conduct a search and weave through the results. Plus, my real estate agent has literally helped me find 5 different places, some within a matter of days or even hours. She’s a true gem and inarguably the best real estate agent in St. Peteresburg, Florida.

Coquina Key, St. Petersburg

Coquina Key is a gated community with 2 saltwater pools, tennis courts, a gym, a laundry mat, the ocean and the best part, a yacht club with a fully stocked bar, parties and all kinds of people. There was no reason to ever leave the gates, and for many weeks at a time, I didn’t!

Being able to wake up with the ocean every day was the most astonishing thing in the world. Giant sea turtles pop their heads out of the water to say good morning and dolphins flip with excitement turning the ocean into a real life Sea World (#seaworldsucks). The scent of palm trees and sand filled the air, the cocktails were on point and there was nothing but love in my life.

Florida was and always will have a very special place in my heart. If you want to experience the kind of lifestyle that you’ve only dreamed of in the past, contact my real estate agent in St. Petersburg, Jackie. She’s waiting for your call.

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  • Jackie Williams
    March 9, 2017

    Sure wish you would come back for a vist really soon!

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