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Her Side of the Attack

I promised that today for my lifestyle blogs,  you would get my roommates perspective of the bull mastiff attack; so without further ado…



“So, this is how an otherwise amazing Thurs ended for me. bty, most terrifying moment of my life and the dog was a Bull Mastiff.

I’m walking up to the apartment building, a lady walks out with her dog, one hand is holding the dog, the other is holding the door open for me. So, naturally I didn’t really sense a threat. As I’m about to walk past the door the dog lunges past the owner, strikes my lower back, knocks me to the ground back outside, the owner is struggling to contain the dog, it gets away, and takes a bite of my head, the owner flings herself onto the dog, and I jump up, see that the bag I was carrying held the door open (thankfully as I would not have been able to struggle for my keys) and I leap into the building, using my purse as a shield because I had no other weapon, close the door of the building and figure I’m safe.

Wrong! I’m in shock, trying to figure out what to do next, when the owner of the dog opens the door, the dog sees me, lunges at me and takes me down by lunging at me and biting my arm. The owner again is trying in vain to contain the dog, she grabs it, it gets away, bites my neck, she gets it again, it gets away again and bites my neck a 2nd time. The owner gets the dog away from me again, as I’m screaming at her to get it away from me, and I run to the nearest door as it’s trying desperately to get free to attack again. The neighbours on the seventh floor heard me screaming.

So, this dog owner brings the dog back to the apartment. Stays there knowing that I’m covered head to toe in blood and doesn’t come down to check to see if I’m okay. As of this moment, she has yet to show any remorse or concern for my injuries. Some people should be banned from owning a dog. The dog is getting euthanized. Luckily, there were some great neighbours who came to my rescue after the dog attacked.”

If this isn’t enough motivation to properly train your dog, or to focus on the quotes about life that show us just how short it truly is, than who knows what is!

Don’t forget to sign the petition. We’re almost at 100 already!


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