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Hear Me Roar Fashion Lookbook

For the ladies who have a thing for trend-setter, wild kind of fashion trends, you’ll adore this fashion forward lookbook that was created with nothing other than cheap clothes. Forget about the fashion blogger who tells you that you have to spend money on brand name clothes – or in other words – a fortune.

Let me show you how to roar with cheap clothes.


cheap clothes, fashion blogger, fashion trends, lookbook

What fashion trends do we have here? The high waisted denim. (First pair for me – definitely not my last). They cost me $10. My specific pair I got from a flash-sale site, like ZuLily (a new personal fave), Hautelook and Beyond The Rack.

cheap clothes, fashion blogger, fashion trends, lookbook

You obviously just can’t go wrong with some animal print fashions, whether you’re a fashion blogger or a runway superstar. Animal print is damn fierce, and this cardigan only cost me a mere $10 as well, and I purchased it from the same flash sales mentioned above. I loved how it had a blazer-cut, and a pink trim to make it totally me.

cheap clothes, fashion blogger, fashion trends, lookbook


I completed the lookbook with a $5 white tank; a pretty basic item that every girl needs. ( There’s no pictures of my shoes because I just hadn’t pick them out for this look yet ).  But, the entire outfit only costed me $25! That’s a price every lady can appreciate, eh? The only thing is that cheap clothes like these pants (the cardigan & tank seem okay) is that they’re also cheap quality, but for $10, you can replace them a thousand times over again.

cheap clothes, fashion blogger, fashion trends, lookbookThe only thing I don’t like about this lookbook is the seam in the front, which isn’t really noticeable in real life; the camera just enhanced its prominence. Why I don’t like it?

There’s that one seem that is shaped like a “Y’ and makes you look like you’ve got the big, CT. You know…

Camel Toe.

Then, when you have that with the high-waisted style, it really looks like you’ve simply hiked your damn pants up way too high. It’s just not a good look. Shame on those pants! I still love them though.


Do you have a secret to stop the seem from looking like a CT? Share down below! xo



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