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Get Your Fashion Blog Haute Deals

11am hits, and I of course, this fashion blogs writer logs onto Hautelook to fix my addiction for shopping on Hautelook. Now, knowing that I am trying to manage my funds and not buy unnecessary things – I intend to just browse. Since I am short on funds I am honestly trying to be frugal, which is near impossible for me, but I found these amazing earrings that was 60% off… only $26! I wonder how I am going to justify this purchase to myself. Ding Ding Ding!! A light went off in my head… or more so a bright lime green box reminding me that I have a $30 credit! Wahoooo!! I really did want more then one thing…. but here are the ear rings I “purchased” with NO money of my own! Ha! That feels amazing.

I also wanted… well everything… but really fell in love with the following items. When I am online-shopping, I only buy things that are original, non-generic and that I won’t really find just walking through a mall. That is the whole fun of online shopping! You get stuff that isn’t always offered in your local stores.

I absolutely fell in love with this necklace…. but I decided to go for the ear rings. I am sad that I will miss out on this. I WANT IT!

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Christmas is coming…. or Halloween…. feel free to buy this for me! Ha! Its on sale for $27!! Just kidding…. kinda? lol And I also fell in love with these other items…

Go check it out before someone else takes all the deals!!!

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