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**GRAPHIC** Mauled by a Bullmastiff


My lifestyle blogs may change for a bit because life has been a little crazy lately. As some of you know from following me on Twitter, my roommate was brutally mauled by a bull mastiff on Thursday night. This post will be my story of what happened, and Thursday’s post will be more of the history of the dog, and Marlene’s perspective of the attack.

The Attack

I was laying in bed Thursday night and around midnight, I heard these female screams. It’s the kind of screams that you can’t fake. I knew something was wrong and when I heard the barking, I knew right away that it was the dog that lives two doors down from us. I had a run in with them previously as it came after me, manizzle and my dog. Thankfully, it had a muzzle on but we will get to that on Thursday.

I jumped up from my bed and pressed my nose up against the window and looked down. Sure enough, it was that dog. I couldn’t see what it was attacking but assumed it was someone’s dog that it was lunging at, teeth baring. The screams were enough for me to call 911.Knowing the size of this aggressive dog, I knew I had to wait for it to come inside before I could check what was going on because they have to come onto my floor. I heard the owner get themselves inside their apartment, and I went to go make sure everyone was okay and wait for 911 to arrive.

As I was walking down my hallway, an older gentleman that I talk to in the building opened the door. I said, “Oh goodness, Mike. Tell me it wasn’t you!” as I saw the blood all over his hands.

He said, “Chantal, it’s your roommate Marlene.”

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As I walked down to the first floor, I had no idea where she was, but followed the blood splatters and the bloody handprints on the wall. It was awful. I bust into this old couple’s apartment to see strangers surrounding Marlene with towels on her head and around her neck as well as her arm. No one knew how severe the injuries were, or how many times she had been bit.

It was moments before the paramedics came, and we managed to keep her conscience until they took over and immediately hooked her up to oxygen and got her on the stretcher. She took a ride in an ambulance.

 Motivation to do The Right Thing

Now, words will never do justice of this story. You will never know her screams, nor will you ever see her prior to her injuries getting cleaned up and stitched. The worst part is that the owner of the dog went upstairs to her apartment, and left Marlene there – never to come back down and see if she got the help that she needed. It’s disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is that everyone knew this would happen with this dog – just a matter of who and when.

It is obviously hard to find a positive motivation or quotes about life throughout any kind of tragedy, but you truly have to try to find some good in every awful situation. Marlene is okay. She will heal, and all of those quotes about life being too short have thoroughly been put into perspective.

Further details coming on Thursdays posts, but in the meantime, please sign this petition that we started!


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