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Gone Back Home


I could not sleep last night for the life of me… and anyone that knows me knows that I can sleep all day errrr day. After tossing and turning til 6:30am, I finally got up as I had plans to go to back home to Guelph to see some friends. Sometimes you just need a good friend and an adorable baby to bring your spirits up.

Receive Motivation by Being Proud Of Those Around You

I saw Aidan (my girlfriend’s child) which has been… a couple months and started crying because he is so big and I’ve known Ashlee for 11ish years now and I’m just so proud of her.  I’m a little cheesy, I know. But we had a whole lot of fun dancing, bitching and riding tricycles and watching Aidan laugh.

Motivation To Keep Some Close and Others Far

And I am so gosh darn happy that I was at Ashlee’s because I got a super nice message from some people that are traveling with Jon and… well… it wasn’t good. It was a little disastrous and I’m thankful that I had my Ashie there to put my head back on straight. She’s used to doing that for me. But usually it’s after a night of mistakes and partying… not this kind. It only gave me the motivation to keep those who matter close, and those who don’t matter far away.

You don’t need people who make you sad in your life.ashlee, best friends, life quotes, motivation, lifestyle blogs

I was pretty down and out after that, but Ashlee’s wise words and life quotes, as well as Aidan’s kisses made me feel so much better – obvi.

Friends Who Know Me Outside of my Lifestyle Blogs

It’s nice to have friends that knew me before I let my heart open up. Like Ashlee, she was always game for my promiscuous and selfish ways. She knew and respected that that’s who I was and I’d never let a guy in enough for me to NOT be like that. Then everything changed and Ashlee adores “this person” (obvi jon) simply because she knew that it had to take someone REALLY special to drop my ways. But it’s all for nothing. Exactly how I feel.

I then headed to my parentals to do some work for them and help my Smom with her Playbook again. Then we got chatting our girlie chats and after stuffing my face with chicken, stuffing, potatoes and gravy… I headed home.

And here I am.

yeeehaw.Living life to the fullest… betches.

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