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Goals Of The New Year


I’m going to be honest with you, I usually avoid making New Year’s resolutions like the plague because I don’t think it gives you any motivation, but actually inspires people for a short period of time before the novelty wears off and they do the exact opposite.  I feel like you do not need a new year to begin making changes in your life. However, I made (sort of) a New Years resolution for 2012.

Since last year I had a lot of hardships, my resolution is to only give one chance. Yes! ONE CHANCE! Not a million, gazillion like I always do. One chance, and if someone messes that up… well SALUT!

I have made some other goals that I want to accomplish this year as well. Goals are good to have, whether they are for your lifestyle blogs, friendships, love life or your own personal satisfaction. It gives you a sense of direction and motivation while also giving  you a long-term look at where you want to be, or what you want to achieve. Instead of just going into the year having no idea what you want out of it, make a list of things you would be proud to work towards. I definitely am curious to hear what your goals are so please comment years resolution, goals, how to make goals, motivation, inspirational quotes, lifestyle blogs

Without further ado, here’s my fab goal list. I am sure it will change and only by increasing!

  • Write a book…. or two

Whenever I lay my head to rest for the night, my creative juices start flowing and I usually grab my iphone and start typing away in my notes. However, the other night I got up, grabbed my lap top and two hours later, I have two chapters done on a new book idea. It is in blog format though, so chapters are quite small. It’s about my life living with anxiety, and having everyone else thinking you are perfect, yet all you want is to feel happiness yourself. It goes through my life experiences from getting my face smushed and teeth crumbled which lead me to braces, to my falling out with my family, all the way to today. Where i am right now and how happy I am, despite everything. Do you think this would be something of interest to you? 

I also want to write a book of all my poetic rants and rampages. Not only are they hilarious, but I say the things that everyone else is thinking!

  • Eat Healthier 

My reasoning for this in an obvious. I could sleep 15 hours a day and survive off of Big Macs. Well, I use the word “survive” loosely. 

  • Exercise daily, or at least 5 days a week

I used to work out every single day and it was absolutely fabulous. I felt amazing, looked amazing and well…. my bootylicious ass needs to downsize a little bit, naaa mean? I’m the type to eat what I want, and as I grow older, I need to start working out to counteract the fatty foods I love.

  • Love and trust as if I’m not afraid

I have had so many people tell me lately, whether they just met me, we went out for dinner or been talking for a couple weeks… “You are so scared to get hurt, eh?” or “You’ve really been hurt recently, it’s obviously!” or “You have this guard up to not let anyone in”… or the most common, “You have this tough girl attitude because you’ve been so hurt in the past. I see right through it”. 

  • Wake up earlier

I sleep… a lot… all the time. I love my naps which aren’t naps because they’re a couple hours long, but I’d much rather start getting onto a sleeping routine and wake up earlier, nap as if I would anyway, and enjoy the DAY more. I’m starting to feel like a vampire. Hellllllllllllllllllllllo Edward Cullen. nom nom

  • Save money

Yes, this will be the hardest. I’m the type that has a maxed credit card, I put $200 on it, and then go and spend $200 because I have it available. It’s bad. I have a problem… actually. 

  • Pay off my car

This is just a good feeling. Having debts paid off.

  • See a whale or dolphin in the wild

I love dolphins and whales. They are definitely my favourite next to a giraffe. It goes; giraffe, orca (killer whale), and then I love lions because of Kevin Richardson and dolphins just because they try to hump everyone. HA HA But I am so fascinated by these animals and Marine Land doesn’t do justice… although I am a 5 year old when I go. I want to go out to B.C. and go on boat trips and see these massive creatures in their natural habitat. Did you know an orca is actually a type of dolphin but they’re called the killer whale because they kill whales? And Dolphin Tale is a rad movie and I want to go to Clearwater to see this dolphin with a fake fin. 


And that’s all I have for now, but it’s a pretty random list, eh? These are the things I want and I will do them. You just watch.

As for now, toodles ya sexy betches!


2 Responses
  • juanito
    January 4, 2012

    I also been wanting to write a book, or 2, or 3. The latest one I would like to do is writing a book about my dreams, as crazy, zany, and off the wall as they may be. Have you ever had a dream and it just makes you say WTF? or have you ever had a dream that has come true? this is a subject matter that really intrigues me. bon chance in 2012.

  • sam
    January 4, 2012

    Come to Alaska! you can totally see a whale! an i will so buy your books!

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